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I'm new here

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I'm nearly 69, Gleason 7 (3+4), PSA 10.3, prostate normal size, the cancer appears to be isolated to the left side of prostate, diagnosed last month. I'm currently in Mazatlan, Mx, where the only option is open prostatectomy. I've talked with 2 Urologists and the biopsy MD. I have Medicare A, won't have B until July1. I'm sure the US MD would want another biopsy before any treatment (tx), so I'm looking at nearly a year from diagnosis if I go to the States. I've been taking tamsulosin a couple years and I've been taking selenium and saw palmetto for 6 months, multivit for 45 years. I'm concerned about the SELECT study findings for selenium but it does seem to help with sleep and nocturnal urination. I'm looking for suggestions/experience. Thank you, John

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My guess why you don't have Medicare Part B is because you don't receive SS benefits.

Your Gleason score is a 7..... 3+4 Not as bad as 4+3.

My suggestion would be wait it out go back to USA get your Part B Medicare and get my treatment. But. that is your call. Just saying that is what I would do.


Thank you, that would certainly give me more options.

Smallfall, whatever you decide to have done, get it done as SOON AS POSSIBLE. Prostate Cancer is much worse and harder to deal with once it eats its way out of the Prostate capsule. While no wants cancer of any type, PC is more treatable than many other cancers IF it's treated early enough. Good luck.

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Thank you.

Financial considerations aside, there's a first-class medical facility in Guadalajara. What's available there? I'd expect a surgical robot either in G or in Mexico City -- and not many other places.

Years ago, someone we knew had serious heart problems in Mazatlan, and was airlifted to Guadalajara for surgery. I think they did a triple bypass, for about 20% of what it would have cost in the US.

I don't know if open surgery is any worse than robotic surgery, in terms of "cure rate". Robotic surgery _does_ reduce your hospital stay, and the healing time is quicker (because fewer abdominal muscles are damaged).

. Charles

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Thanks Charles, good to know. The open surgery, in Mazatlan, is $5000-$7000 USD; it looks like robotic surgery in Guad is about $25000 USD.

John ... I have been treating my prostate cancer non invasively with a company overseas for 10 years now....with great success. Original Gleason was 6 ....my recent PSA is .5 Please please I urge you to contact this email address and tell them of your situation: choi@nutrition2000.com ..BEFORE you do anything medically invasive. ..the prostatectomy you mentioned .... including radiation ..or hormone treatment and Lupron...etc THEY can help you.!! if you want to speak to me by phone I will be glad to talk to you 440 227-0344.

I am in Ohio


also you can go this other associated website : nutrition2000.com/ and read about the testimonials of men they have helped in the past.

God Bless you Dave

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Thank you Dave, I'll certainly look into it.


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