Hello, I'm new here

My name is Joe, 72 years 'young', and I am migrating here from another group as suggested by the group admin. I am a prostate cancer survivor, having had Radical Prostate Surgery (RPS) in October of 2014. All of my PSA tests since have had a 0.00 PSA count. I am glad to be here and hope that I can learn from and contribute to this community.

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  • Hi Joetxn

    Welcome aboard, ive just had my prostate removed 29th March my PC was contained so im also hoping it never returns but it was also a medium aggressive so im told 75% chance it still might.

    Still suffer from the usual side effects but down too one pad a day now and not sure if ill ever get my erections back again not looking too good on that side, Im also in a clinical trial 50% given radiotherapy 4 months after having their prostate removed the other 50% not, im in the not was hoping to be in the other 50% but either way if it helps out the trial im all for it.

    Cheers mate.

  • Thanks for participating in a clinical trial Chubby42! I believe it does help everyone.

    I was treated in a clinical trial that was apparently successful, but the group running the trial (the U.S. National Cancer Institute) was only able to recruit 18 participants - which was not enough to produce a statistically meaningful result. They were hoping for a minimum of 30.

    When you joined the trial, you helped to get meaningful results.

    Also, I think you will benefit from the trial even though you are in the non-treatment group. The reason is that your condition will be monitored by real experts - prostate cancer researchers, not just your average urologist who knows something about cancer but not a huge amount.

    The followup care in my trial was really good and the people who tested and talked to me really knew what they were doing.


  • If you do have ED issues, there are a few options, hopefully your Urologist will talk to you about them.

  • Thanks for the welcome, Chubby42.

  • Welcome Joe, What part of the country do you hail from.

  • Glad to have you aboard. I am relatively new to this site also, but find it very interesting. I am 75, 23 year survivor, and have undergone and tried most of the options and related stuff available for PC. Currently cancer free (I hope) AND dry. via (AUS)

  • Thanks for the welcome, ng. The seventies are a good age - so far, lol. Glad that you have been cancer free for 23 yrs. I understand about the dry.

  • Just to pass on a little info. to anyone who may need it. After suffering 2 heart attacks in the course of a year and being put on a bunch of meds, my one-pad-a-day turned into almost total loss of control. (medical explanation unknown) My Urologist recommended I have an Artificial Urinary Sphincter (AUS) installed. It works great! So for those of you who are tired of numerous pads/wet pants, check with your Doc. Minor surgery and relief.

  • Welcome to our group.

  • Thanks Bob.

  • Sorry to have new people join for the obvious reason. There is some very good information here and very nice helpful people to offer solid advice. Good luck in your continuing recovery.

  • Correction I am 73 not 72... hmm

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