I am due to have turps procedure on the 13/8/16 but now I have started to worry that as there will be bleeding during this process it might in fact help the cancer travel around my body I have local advanced PC it is in my seminal vesicals and bladder base I am on a monthly Degarelix injection and a daily casodex tablet my PSA is starting to rise it is now 8.7 ugl my nurse feels that this is due to my current urinary symptoms in fact the letter states that I am listed for EUA , cystoscopy +urethral dilation +/-BNI +/-TURP to be honest I cant make out what that means I am due to go back to the hospital on the 4/8/16 so I will ask again then but some advice would help as I do tend to get blinded by science and as I have to attend on my own I do tend to forget the important bits of the conversation I have with the doctors best regards Dave .

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  • Dave, Why not ask your Docs if you can record the consultation on your mobile phone. Or write down the questions you want to ask them and make a copy so that you can give them a list leave spaces between the questions so that the Doc can write the answers in so you have a written record. You can still come away without some information or when you look at the pape or listen to the recording you may still not remember something so telephone the Docs secretary and ask for further explanations. They are there to help you and I am sure they will.

  • Thanks for that I know in fact that I am a new boy with PC I have only been dealing with it for 11 years and I say that seriously because I know some good old boys have been fighting this for 20 years and more which does give us all hope new treatments are happening all the time but I will take your good caring advice and I do thank you as I can see you have your own fight on your hands as we all do but it is nice to think of others as we travel this rocky road best regards and I wish you well Dave .

  • Good luck tomorrow with the TURP


  • Joel thanks for that but I have put it on hold the reason being ,that I may have slight chance of having a prostatectomy I am due to see another consultant next friday I have told him by email that I have locally advaced PC which is in the seminal vesicals and at the bladder base and I asked him if the prostate could be removed along with the seminal vesicles even though I had bracheytherapy back in 2006 the reply back was promising saying that it was indeed possible his secretary asked me to send copies of my last MRI scan done in 2015 and last bone scan which was all clear I had that done in April this year I have been booked in to see him next friday I really dont expect to get anywhere with this as I also have Atriel Fibrillation which I am taking medication for and I am 74 years of age but we will see nothing ventured nothing gained as they say ,all we can do is look it in the face and laugh at it best regards and many thanks again Dave .

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