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Any advice would be most welcome , I had a bone scan on Tuesday so I will await the results I can do no more but my biggest problem is the constant rushing to the toilet to numerous at times to keep a check on when I had my scan I wore a pad just in case but luckily I got through it without an accident my question is does anyone have a thought or suggestion regarding Saw Palmetto it is supposed to help with urinary problems but I read that you should not take it with hormone treatment I am on Degarelix injections monthly but now I am having to take Casodex daily to supplement it but then again I have been told that the cancer is at my bladder base and seminal vesicals so I suppose if the cancer is pressing against my bladder base it is going to cause me problems in the urine flow department any thoughts lads best regards Dave .

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  • I was a big believer in supplements. Took saw palmetto for over 15 years.  I figured what the heck, it can't hurt and it might prevent prostate cancer. It didn't. I also took big doses of fish oil to help fight inflammation...which it did...but now I read that it can cause prostate cancer.  Great.       I now question everything I ever did in the name of preventive healthcare.                                                                                                        Caveat emptor!  

  • Neathuh1, I am sorry for your problems. What do you plan to do now?

  • Hi.  I addition to most, but not all, of the advice my urologist suggests I'm taking Vitamin D3 which apparently is thought to have some benefit and I drink at least one glass of club soda daily.  I read that it may make the body pH a bit more basic which cancer does not like as much as an acidic environment. That may all be baloney but it takes the place of a rum and coke every evening so it has other health benefits. :)   And please don't be sorry for my problems: Yesterday I met a 12 year old who had almost died from some type of cancer.  He'd been through some rough chemo.  He and I had what I would consider a very mature conversation about treatments, etc and agreed that cancer sucks .  Then he told me that anytime I needed anything to give him a call and he'd try to help in any way he could.  A 12 year old!  Like you, I'm a grandpa and this kid is offering to help me!  I almost choked.  It once again demonstrates the strength of the human spirit when faced with adversity.  I realized how insignificant my CA is compared to some others and what a community/brotherhood we CA patients are.   God be with you on your journey!

  • Wow. Kids are great.

  • Dave, I hope you get some help with your urinary problems. I have never used saw palmetto.

  • Generally supplements are confusing, so knowing what if any effects they have is often not clear.  The research is never that good, it is often sponsored by commercial interests that benefit by positive results, there is no consistency or "overseeing" of potency.  This is not to say they are bad, it does say that for the most part it is no better than a hit or miss situation (this is my opinion).


  • I make you right Joel thanks for that regards Dave

  • We like to think we know how to replicate all of the vitamins,minerals, and hormones found in nature via the food we eat. Eating the right foods beats man made supplements by a long shot. However, we all succumb to the swan song of this or that because it is easy. Eating right takes work and dedication. It has to become a way of life to be successful.

  • Saw Palmetto – Worthless:  Best to just play it safe and get used to wearing jockey shorts with a thick enough "menstrual" pad to absorb the amount of leakage you might experience before getting to the bathroom.  And carry an extra pad or two in a pocket when going out and about.

  • I think I will follow your advice thank you Dave .

  • Just a note to keep in mind that there is a great option if your incontinence becomes more severe than you want.  It's called an Artificial Urinary Sphincter which is an appliance that is inserted internally by a minor surgical procedure.  This appliance basically operates like a hose clamp on your urethra which is attached to an "on/off" button in your scrotum.  Sounds weird but believe me it works GREAT!  I had one installed 18 months ago following years of multiple pad use.  Ask your urologist about it.  Just an office procedure or overnight stay.      

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