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Cancer remains after prostatectomy

Hi everyone - just joined. I was a reasonably fit 52 year old guy when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in March this year 3TB Gleason of 9 and was operated on in May (open radical prostatectomy). Unfortunately after the operation I was told that I still had cancer (lymph, base and apex) and told I was 'still high risk'. After initially seeing my psa reduce to 0.03 it has now started to rise. I am due to have another psa check at the end of this week. So will no more about my future path soon. Although the operation was uncomfortable I didn't quite understand how mentally damaging the lack of continence and due to having all the nerve bundles removed how it has affected my personal life with my wife. My continence has improved greatly but I am stuck with adapting my personal issues.

Good luck to all of you that are struggling... I hope you have good new soon.

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Eamon welcome glad you found us , 0.03 I think is a excellent response as a post surgery PSA. Has onc discussed follow up RT treatment. I was G 8 with a post surgery PSA of .60 after RT and two years ADT my PSA went too <0.01.I have been off ADT two years now and I am grateful my is PSA hovering between .01 and .04 ≤0.01 on last test. The lost of sexual function has been and still is an going phycological battle and after five years my wife and I have accepted it for what it is and are happy Iam still alive . There are a lot of very knowledgeable guys on here I am sure will be chiming soon hang in there and sorry you had to search us out.

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Thank you so much for your reply... glad I found the site. Your comments have reassured me that things are not so bad. I will possibly know what if any follow up treatment is required once they have assessed my next psa (blood will be taken tomorrow). Good luck and thanks...


Hey Eamon did you get blood work results back yet fingers crossed for ya.


Had blood taken this morning but won't get the results for 10days as I fly to Lanzarote tomorrow. Thanks for your good wishes buddy.


I suggest some reading on sex and prostate cancer. I made up a booklist you might find useful:


I've been using injections ("intracavernosal injections", if you want to use Google) for nine years. They've worked well, and they work with or without erectile nerves. Mulhall's book (in the booklist above) has a good section on them. Another source is a "white paper" on the USToo website:


As a general rule, prostate surgery _will_ change your sex life. Whether it _ends_ your sex life, is up to you and your partner. There are lots of ways around the problems of ED; most docs won't talk about that before surgery.

If you have questions, ask them. Embarrassment leads to bad treatment.

. charles


Thank you Charles... I have looked through your booklists and it is fantastic with your review. I will certainly be purchasing a book from your list - and will also read up on the injections you suggested. Thanks once again.


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