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Weight Bearing on Prothesis

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Some of you will know I had a BKA (below knee amputation) at the end of July. I picked up my prosthetic leg in mid-October but immediately hit problems with the wound reopening and blistering. After seven weeks without physio I started weekly sessions last week. One major problem I have is that I cannot put my full weight through the prothesis. It is sheer agony! Painkillers would not help as I am already on Gabapentin and Oxycodone (the latter as a PRN).

Has anybody else experienced this and how did you resolve it?

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I haven't, but I have a friend whose daughter went through this earlier this year. I honestly don't know what the eventual solution was but I do know she had to persevere and she said it was akin to 'wearing in' a new set of dentures. It's a strange foreign object touching a very tender area and in essence means the site needs to 'toughen up' and the good news is that this does pass and all will be well. My friend's daughter is now happily walking around on her prosthesis which she calls 'Edna'!

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I cannot repeat what I currently call my prothesis these days. It started off as John but not anymore. Maybe it is a question of time but more support would be useful! Thank you for your reply and All the Best for 2021!

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Thank you MichaelJH. Maybe you will make friends with your prosthesis in time. Meantime wishing you too all the best for 2021 and hoping for a much better year that 2020!

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I am hoping that you can get some advice and support!

I’m sending you prayers for a solution 💕

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I don’t know what that pain must feel like. I do know pain relievers won’t consistently cut more than 40% of your pain. I am sorry to say. I recommend daily! you get outside for 45 min a day of fresh air pushing yourself around in a wheelchair. Eat healthy. Sleep w. Ibuprofen. Create a healthy body that happens to have one leg.

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As I am in a DTA bed it is nearly impossible to get outside because of the CovID rules and regulations. I do exercise using an exercise band that I aim to snap, doing various exercise given by physios and propelling myself around.

Ibuprofen is a no-no because of some of my heart medications. I take Gabapentin for the phantom pain which can be quite bad and Oxycodone on a PRN basis.

Thank you for your reply and All the Best for 2021!

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Immediately after getting the prothesis the wound opened for the fourth time. Shortly after I was transferred to a DTA bed Inn a care home and received no physio for seven weeks which probably undid a lot of what had gone before. My aim in 2021 is to live independently and walk independently!

Thank you for your reply and All the Best for 2021!

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