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An update on my last post

I would like to thank all of you for the very supportive messages on my Losing My Husband Again post. They were all very much appreciated, and your many kindnesses have been invaluable to me.

I do have an update on where I am at present. After speaking with my husband's consultant psychiatrist, who is very difficult to get on with, I am now trying to get a second opinion. As I am observing my husband on a daily basis I feel that something is being left out of the equation. Even though Michael suffers from bipolar disorder, he does not appear to be in danger of going into a manic phase. Michael does not appear to be going into a very depressive phase either, as he still gets up, eats, and then gets washed and dressed. The main psychiatrist who Michael is under would not listen to what I would like to have said, as I have gained some new information.

It appears, that someone who has suffered from an affective disorder for many years, and has had many manic, or depressive episodes, can be actually suffering from a non-degenerative form of dementia, which, if accurately diagnosed, is reversible. When a person ages with bipolar disorder, usually at 70 +, dementia can develop, but not necessarily the degenerative form. Testing needs to be done with scans, blood tests etc. But if left undiagnosed, as is the case with many patients, the symptoms will carry on and the outcome will not be reversible. I am really going to have to fight for a second opinion, as Michael's GP is not receiving patients at the surgery, and everything is being conducted via the telephone. But I cannot just stand by and not do anything, whilst they just keep on drugging my husband up which just exacerbates his dementia symptoms.

Once again, thank you for all of your messages, and if any of you would like to pray for us, it would greatly be appreciated. 🤞🍀

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Hi 01776. So there is some light at the end of the tunnel then, that is good news. I hope and pray that you will be able to get the second opinion you want and in good time for a favourable outcome, that would be very good news. Take care and thanks for your post. xx

hi, it’s so difficult getting through to the medical profession sometimes as they think they know best when that’s not always The case, when you live with someone 24/7 you know what’s going on, as I told you with my Mum when I had lots of problems with treatment and the drugs she was being given, keep pushing for a second opinion, would it be possible for you to go privately at all, good luck my thoughts are with you .

I hope that you can find the strength for this.

Have you ever thought about moving your husband to your own medical centre ?

That way you could perhaps get a referral to a different consultant.

Several years ago I had the pleasure of meeting with a research scientist who was working on treatments for dementia.

We met at a conference and his knowledge was exceptional.

He was telling me over coffee in the break about the very encouraging results from two particular drugs.

Unfortunately I have no up to date information due to having to retire early on health grounds but I am sure the knowledge is out there and your husband certainly deserves the best chance possible.

I wish you well.


Hi 01776,

I think it's always the best thing to seek a second opinion when you aren't happy with the first one. It can't possibly be harmful, so long as that opinion comes from someone suitably qualified to give one. And in your case it's vital as you have absolute care for another human being and even more, your life partner. So please don't stand by. Even if you can't have a face to face consultation, you do need to ask probing questions on the things that you don't feel are being handled correctly. Wishing you best wishes for your quest, and don't give up! At the very least, if you make yourself a pest, they will listen to you and offer answers, if only to try and get rid of you! 🙏😊👍

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I think the trouble is now it’s harder to have a second opinion as it’s not up to the Dr apparently, it has to go through a panel

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We can never leave a stone unturned when it comes to the welfare of a loved on. You are right to ask for a second opinion, you know your husband best and how his conditions affect him. If there is any possibility of a differential diagnosis that, is possibly reversible, it should be sought, without a doubt. When you ring to speak with your Doctor, if I was in that position, I would prepare, say why you want a second opinion and the reasonings behind it. Have it written down so it's in front of you to refer to, before you speak to anyone on the phone. I hope you don't have to wait long and the best of luck with it all. 👍😊

You are definitely in my prayers. Call your surgery again. You are entitled to, a second opinion. God bless. x

I think you are right to question thinks. I have a friend with bi polar and she has to keep control (when she can) of how medicated she is as the answer to everything is to increase the drugs.

On a different note I personally have had very bad experience with a consultant rheumatologist and I got changed to a different one and it transformed the situation.

Sorry you have all this to deal with. Sending love to you x

Having lost my grandmother and my mother to dementia. You are very much in my thoughts and prayers xx

I pray GOD will provide you the right medical, and psychological Dr's to alleviate your husbands challenges. Amen, amen, and yessssssss amen! Don't forget to give GOD praise no matter what challenge we are presented with. Things can always be better, but they can also be worse.

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