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second pulmonary rehab clinic & birthday

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Well -its the 2nd da of my PR clinic on Wednesday -(at 9.30 of all times) -just as well im not horseriding I've told them I will be missing december 2nd

Its my birthday on 26th of this month, & after checking with the rules -Im going to mum & dads for an evening meal Dad said he l cook me whatever I wanted so I said well Im torn between spag bol & curry - both of which he does FIRST CLASS!!!

So ive told him he can do any of the 2 & Id be happy

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Well that's something to look forward to Sara. I hope you enjoy it. Good luck for tomorrow. xx

Hi Don Oh for sure I will .I was a bit worried I d be spending it on my own because of the lockdown so good job I checked the rules first- -not like the younger generation who just go out after a lockdown or anti protestors of various ages bunching up no masks & drinking too much

At least some of us are doing our bit!!!

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thara9643 in reply to Sara_2611

I have not attended a party in nearly a year.

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Sara_2611 in reply to thara9643

Ive not attended one since I was 18 & in my twenties (my partying days)

Hi Sara. I think you meant this reply for someone else, you've acknowledged Don. Thought I'd better let you know.

oh thanks for telling me springcross

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Good morning Sarah, good look for tomorror, lovely your going to see parents and getting your fav meal too😋my towns known as the forgotten town and it's only in news when it's bad stuff, Except for when it with city of culture, it is a pretty town centre with good archetechture sorry on spelling lol,quaint old cobbled roads in parts too, but my god the people majority are oblivious and is worst in country and at nearly 8oo per 1oo thou cases, me and mam stay in no park even. We wave in front garden to my niece and her children it will be lockdown for us until get vaccine I think. Good job I'm living with mam made right choice in not working on job was doing as lot of schools got virus and shut. Hope you enjoy your time with parents

Mandy and pixie🌟

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the PR went ok - did the excercises - my breathing was a percentage in the 90s . On the assessment the percentage was 75% -which was because I thought that because I walk fast I assumed I could do simpe excercises fast & it didnt pay off. Im rather hoping that when the hospital gives me an asessment with a view to having an oxygen tank Im going to tell them my breathing is in the 90s therefore I feel I dont need one & wont be bullied into something Im not happy with

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Sorry about that, sometimes they just go by the book when my step dad went on the tread mill test his heart shot up they stopped him but rest of time his heart was ok I'm no expert but I havnt always took there instuctions and I've been better for it xx

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yes -if they tell me to get on a treadmill I will refuse point blank & wont accept their bullying . I googled breathing saturation for a normally healthy person & its 96-100 & anything below indicates a lung problem (which I know I have one) - The way I m going to put it is all I know is its in the 90s & Im happy with that & feel I dont need an oxygen tank & just want to practice taking deep breaths as normal as possible

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Deep breathing does help my bundles about to run out so hope to chat soon hugs from me and pixie X

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thanks curly1

Good luck for tomorrow. Also have a lovely birthday🌈🤞

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oh cheers for that cray fitness -my birthdays not while the 26th

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Hope it all goes well. Just wanted to wish you happy birthday in advance. 🌈🤞

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awww thanks so much

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Hi Sara...2611 .You have the same Birthday as our Middle Son .Our Youngest was born on the 10th of November ,our Middle Son, on the

26th of November and our Eldest Son was born on 28 of November. We had a beautiful Little Great Grandson born on the 8th of November. Just 2 days before his Grandads Birthday ( our youngest Son ).. They called the new Baby Arlow Jay. I like his name. Crikey. that makes it our 10th Great Grandchild .We have.4 Great Cranddaughters

And 6 Great Grandsons .

I'll raise a glass to you on your Birthday . Take Care and Stay Safe. Glo. Xx

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Sara_2611 in reply to Petrasassi

Oh -lovely Wishing him a happy birthday for 26th then

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Good luck with your appointment this morning Sara_2611.👍😊

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I had my appointment this morning -& my breathing was in the low 90s today -all of these results through the entire rehab gets fed back to my GP who looking at the resuts -assessment -breathing at 75% & last 2 rehabs - 90,92 & 93 respectively so in the low 90s . I googled a normal healthy persons percentage breathing saturation & its 96-100 .

Because the nurse on the rehab talked with me about having an oxygen tank either on my back or wheeling it about like a suitcase when this hospital appointment comes up Im going to refuse it point blank no matter what any oxygen doctor says -because my argument will be that the way I see it -its in the 90s & therefore I see it as being ok & a whole lot better than 75%

I wont let the NHS bully me into something I dont want to do -they way they do it is well if i dont thi will ahppen & nothing will improve but I will stand my ground

Wonderful on both counts Sara_2611 and I'm sure you'll enjoy your celebration meal whichever dad cooks for you 😊🌈

oh most def callendars girl

I hope you have a great birthday!

Best Wishes,


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Sara_2611 in reply to lbenmaor

its not whle next week but i do too -at last i was wise enough to check the rules beforehand -unlike the younger generation

Hi Jerry - My appoitment went ok I did my heartrate at rest started at 88 percent & my breathing stayed in the 90s

with any luck when the hospital phones me to try to be bullied into having an oxygen tank -Im going to show them I dont need one

yeah me too-im not letting the NHS bully me

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