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Try new food Thursday - Chocolate chip pumpkin cake

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Hi everyone! Happy Thursday - it is pouring here in London, hope you're managing to stay dry wherever you are. We took a break from the Great British bake off themes this week (although it was Japanese week and I would love to try out the steamed buns they attempted - looked incredible and delicious). Instead, we focussed on a very important event this week - my husband's birthday! Every year I make him a cake the weekend before his birthday so we can enjoy it throughout his birthday week. This year I chose to make pumpkin chocolate chip cake. I always have tinned pumpkin in our house, it reminds me of home in Pennsylvania and can be used to bake sooo many delicious things. I used this recipe and it turned out really well! I think by the amount of slices my husband has had, he likes it too!

What is everyone else cooking or eating this week? Hope everyone has a great Halloween weekend!

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Birthday wishes to your husband, hope he enjoys his day

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SadieHU in reply to Jennymary

thanks so much Jennymary :)

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" merrily on pie for me" - love it! That apple and cinnamon loaf looks wonderful! Both such beautiful flavours for autumn.. delicious! Thank you for hubby's birthday wishes :) I hope you have a great weekend and the rain clears soon!!

Sausage and parsnip chips, roast chicken dinner and a chicken casserole for tonight that's ready to go when we are.

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that sounds delicious! enjoy!

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Happy Birthday to your husband and what a delicious cake. I will be watching scary films on Saturday with a bowl of treats. I love a good scare. 😱😱💀👻👽

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Thanks so much, bobbybobb! That sounds like a perfect Halloween, I love a good scare too :) Enjoy!

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Many happy returns to your husband SadieHU and I'm sure he was delighted with his cake. it looks deliciously gooey. I think it's a shame that canned pumpkin isn't all that well known in UK. It's a really versatile but can sometimes be a bit challenging to find in your average supermarket!

My cookery this week has definitely been of the experimental kind. We are eating our way through the contents of the freezer as it needs a cleaning and restocking. So I wouldn't like to describe to you some of the odd soups and casseroles we've eaten, some of which have turned out much nicer than others! 🤣🤣🤣

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Thanks so much Callendersgal! I definitely agree with the tinned pumpkin - I always have to buy it online well in advance of October!

That's so great you're able to do a clean and restock and make meals out of the leftover bits! It can be quite fun experimenting, I'm sure your casseroles and soups were delicious :) Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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