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Try new food Thursday - chocolate chip cookies

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Happy Thursday all. Hope you are keeping cool, it's another hot day here in London and looks like it's going to be for the next couple of days. I should be making light salads and refreshing dishes, but I am just craving chocolate chip cookies!

I'm trying not to use the oven much as it really heats up our house, but today I have been to bake a couple of batches of these white chocolate chip cookies My husband is in the office today so I have some time to eat a few before he gets back hehe.

What is everyone else cooking and eating this week? What do you crave most on a hot day?

Hope you have lovely weekends everyone!

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Hi Sadie, I have that same problem with the oven, but who would be able to resist making a batch of those lovely looking cookies, no matter how much it might heat the house? I shall definitely try that recipe!

I'm really into baking at the moment and this week I've turned out some poppy seed topped rolls, lovely soft and chewy pittas, and this morning I have some rye and beer sourdough rising, to be baked later. Thanks for sharing that recipe with us. Can't wait to get started on those! 😊

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Hi Hidden ! Your bakes sound INCREDIBLE! I have never been able to master pitta, they always come out stiff! Well done you :) Sounds like you have quite the menu planned with your bakes, that's so great! Hope you enjoy the cookies if you decide to make them soon, I have already eaten a few today :)! xo

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Hi Hidden ! As always, your bakes are so impressive! I love the stuffed courgette, that looks delicious. I hope the rain slows down and you get a bit of sunshine! If it warms up enough I hope you can definitely treat yourself to the fresh fruit and custard, that sounds dreamy :) Hope it's a lovely weekend for you!

It's humid here in Cardiff and I have an interview at 3.30 at the salvation army and I have arrived nice and early.

It's horrible isn't it when you get delayed when you have an Interview and it's through no fault of your own like what happened to me back in June when there had been a change of road layout which had delayed the traffic so I had rung them to explain and apologise for the delay and had been told not to bother going in and at the time I was quite upset but now I can laugh about it and feel it was a lucky escape!

Lunch today was wholegrain rice and chicken in white sauce which I enjoyed to sustain me for my interview!

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Your lunch sounds delicious! Good luck with your interview, great job getting there nice and early.. hope it's not too humid for you! Fingers crossed for you!

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It's more dry heat over in London rather than humid heat like it is here in Cardiff.

Back home from my interview and I feel like I gave it my very best which is all I can do really.

If I don't get it I won't be heartbroken over it.

Ooh Sadie they do look yummy. I made a Aubergine Curry and Jackfruit Curry yesterday as the weather wasn't good. It wasn't good this morning either so met a friend for coffee. Lovely weather from tomorrow for us.

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so glad you are getting some nicer weather tomorrow! curry is my favourite when the weather is bad and your's sounds absolutely perfect. hope you have a lovely weekend!

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Thank you and curry is also my favourite as well whether the weather is hot or cold.

Have a good evening and weekend.

Alicia 😊🌈

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My granddaughter would love these, it's been a very close day here today, I intend staying cool tomorrow if I can. Put your feet up with a fan on you all day if it's bad tomorrow. 👍🌷

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that's a great idea, thank you!

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Mmmmm😜 my mouth is watering!! Look scrummy..

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