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A few 'Thoughts', not at all Silly

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Dear All,

If I gave you, let's say, a box- or package- and tried to tell you that it's 'Bottom' was Halfway Down... you would think me Mad(der).... BUT Your HEAD is at the 'Top', Your FEET are at the 'Bottom'.... and where IS your 'Bottom'? If you want to search someone 'Top To Bottom'.... you Start at the Head but do you them stop at their 'Bottom', or go on to their Feet?

If you went to the Doctor, for a 'check up', and complained of a Sore Bottom.... would (s)he look at your Feet? If you are all told to 'Put Your Bottoms, On That Seat' is the one STANDING on it wrong? (I just Love the, apparently true, story of the ' Notice', by the sinks, at the Local W.I..... Said Notice was Clearly 'Aimed' at those making the Tea however, it read "Please Do Not Put Hot BOTTOMS On This Counter".)

One 'Things', for sure.... when 'your Little One 'Needs' a Bottom Change'... (s)he doesn't have Dirty FEET!


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Well I have no answer either Andrew👍😊

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I always say, head to toe Andrew. 😆👍

Would I be confusing the issue if I said "Bottoms Up" !! ;) xx

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AndrewT in reply to leo60

No I'll 'Drink' to that too!

We enjoy a very rich language - and there are usually several words for anything... to clarify, mystify, confuse...

You could use...






or borrow the word "derriere" from French...

or revert to an ¿Anglo-Saxon? four-lettered word.

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AndrewT in reply to S11m

You forgot about Botty, Bum (bum), Country Seat, Gramdma's Donut, Posterior. Then there are the 'Combinations' Botty-bum, Poo-bum, Back bum (as opposed to 'Front' bum) Smelly bum- more usually said about the Baby, or younger sibblings, still in nappies. (Daddy, Susan's got a Smelly 'Poo Bum'....). Other 'things' said by the children 'Stinky Bum etc.

All, pretty much, the Same really!


Very funny AndrewT and it 's a bit of a puzzle why our 'bottom' actually isn't the bottom of us. So I looked online, but even there, there wasn't much in the way of a sensible explanation. It was suggested that it dates back to the time before humans developed legs, but I think that's nonsense as at that time we didn't have language! Fortunately we are pretty used to our feet being called our feet and our buttocks, the bottom! 🤣👍

Absolutely love this. Thank you 👍👍 🤣

This is great!! Thank you!!

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It's so good to play this game because when any either of my 10 Yr old Grandsons say poo or bum bum they're told that they're "acting like babies" by my daughters so I Darent join in with them😂😂

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🤣👍😂 children's humour is great xxxx💜♥️

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It is Lynne, hope you're still smiling through your pain and managing to get some sleep xx

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Thank you, yes got to keep smiling .

Hope you are ok

Love and hugs Lynne xxxx ❤️💜

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Put it this way Malmal, if you are Four, Six.... Twenty-Six.....Or even Ninety-Six and you are 'Introduced' to "Mr & Mrs Rowbottom", "Ms Bottomly", "Frances & John Hinklebottom" or "Judge Bumsford" you, even though you will Try- with every fibre in your being- NOT to laugh.... you WILL do so!

In the Toilet, six minutes later, you- and eveyone else- will be saying 'Bottly', 'Crinklebottom', 'Row... BOTTOM', the 'BOT-leys'.... whilst wiping away the Tears Of Merriment. By the time you have Shared a Drink with 'Roundsbottom and Bumpingford' you have probably WET your Pants.... perhaps more than once!

Can you not persuade, your Daughter, to let 'Granddad' take the Boys out for- say a Burger- whilst she 'Shops' for shoes. That way, whilst she is Trying On, every single 'pair of shoes in town'..... All of you can enjoy some 'Toilet' Humour, even if it turns out, to be, a Bum Job!

So long as, your Daughter, Doesn't read this..... Which would be a Bummer!... you should be alright. Don't forget 'Bums' The Word!


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GhoundsReading Rabbits

I never saw you speechless before! 🤔😁

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GhoundsReading Rabbits


Oh the joys of the English language 😄

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