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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Here’s some food for thought

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Life can be such a struggle during self isolation. We start to question our whole existence. How our life has gone leading up to this point and what we want for the future.

But don’t worry make a pros and cons list for your decisions. Also vision boards can be great to make out your life goals and maybe compare with your partner or close friend.

Use this time to just let life slow down. This world can be so fast pace and now is the time to appreciate and enjoy our immediate family. Those dinners at the table, games together, walks/ hiking. To reconnect with your partner.

You can self reflect and work on your inner issues to be a happier person. Get a hobby something you’ve always wanted to do.

Know you always have your friends on this site to get your worries out and take much needed advice from fellow posters.

Know it may seem like a heavy weight but there’s nothing you cant get through. Make a list of all your struggles and when overwhelmed look to see what you’ve gotten through. Life’s hardships can make us stronger and unleash our inner strength.

You are loved , you are strong, you can achieve anything you set your mind to, most importantly you are never alone.

Sending virtual hugs and love to all. We can uplift and get through all our struggles together. Positivity makes the world go round. 😘

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Good morning

I found your post to be very encouraging and uplifting especially about you can achieve anything you set your heart to

Yesterday I had to deal with very aggressive individuals who showed their true aggressive nature if I did not accept a tenant who had passed all her references

It made sense to accept the tenant as even if I pulled out how long would it take to find another

A very difficult decision made yesterday and it took a lot out of me

I have dealt with many aggressive people and because I talk as a child and I lack confidence I am very rarely listened too

This is something I am aware of that whoever you are , you voice counts well all have purpose and meaning to our lives

Some are born to it , for some it is a destination

Does not make us any less

Interesting post

Hi Roukaya

Im sorry you had to deal with aggressive tenants. We are all made with different personalities and that what helps create balance in the world.You are important and very kind. I understand because I am also.

But the problem comes in when we fail to show confidence when needed. Unfortunately kindness at a time when assertiveness is needed can have others take advantage.

As far as tenants are involved if you are wary in the future of tenant just say sorry this is my policy and you will not change. Then walk away.That way you can not run into swatters. No reference can’t rent hang up end of conversation.

You have to protect yourself at a certain point and its not being mean.

You are important, kind, smart person who deserves happiness. Take today to do things you enjoy . Today is your day. Sending virtual hugs your way.

Good evening

I would like to explain it is the Estate Agent which was aggressive because I tired to back out

It is the Estate Agent who finds the tenant

When the tenant asked me to remove my bedroom furniture I initially agreed then wanted to back out

As the references came ok and the tenant offered to pay be £350 towards the furniture I agreed because I do not know when I would be able to find another tenant

I am worried as she is due to move in but I will wait and see

I hope you are ok

How are you managing in Lockdown

Ok oh I see. That makes sense they want to have there own furniture in the rented place and not yours. The agent should not be aggressive. Shes working for you to find you a tenant. Maybe she was just frustrated because spent time finding a tenant and worried you weren’t going to accept due to removal of furniture. But when it comes to business people need to be professional. Maybe consider a new agent someone you can trust.

Doing ok in isolation. Was getting to me a couple days ago. Just have to keep on a schedule and stay positive.

I hope you are well

Very kind of you to reply

I struggle at times with anxiety and loneliness

I expect I do not like aggression and you are right the agents were cross because they had worked to find a willing tenant and despite her acceptance references I was trying to back out

How do you spend your time in Lock Down ?

You wrote a very positive post

I try to stay on a schedule.

If I don’t I’m not that productive.

You can put a schedule into google calendar so you stay on track.

Suggestion wake same time and go to bed same time if possible.

Have a hobby( can be a new hobby something you’ve wanted to try or old)

Suggestions Hobby

Painting, reading, writing, taking photos, mountain biking, learning a instrument etc.

Also for your schedule family time, meditation and chores.

Try to get fresh air with keeping your social distancing.

Being outside can really help with your sanity.

Pets are nice to help with loneliness and to help calm you.

Really push yourself tp stay on schedule. Will make you productive and mentally stable.

Have a good day. Stay safe

I hope you are well

Can I ask what do you do in your schedule ?

In my case I may have a schedule but I am not very good at sticking with it unless it is absolutely essential

Yes unfortunately unless we have to do things we tend not to. Just try to stick to it.

I have the things above I do for my schedule in prior post but below I elaborated on them. Hope this helps.

Wake up same time and go to bed same time everyday. Chores around house such as cook and clean, take dog park, time with family, exercise ( again is based on preference ( go running , yoga, bike riding, weights), meditation and hobby( reading, writing, painting.) of course these are my preferences and yours can be different.

Just get outside be active you’ll feel better

I suggest if you have the patients to get a dog. They are get company if lonely and help keep you moving everyday. I

Have a Mini Schnauzer she amazing. If Im sad shes there, gets me out for walks, they love to be right by your side.

Stay safe best of luck to you.

What a lovely and positive attitude Optimistic_22. We should reflect more on what's really important in life, and less on our own frustrations with something we can't readily change right now. One thing I've reflected on is how much money, time and effort we all spend on creating the perfect home for ourselves, and then, when told we need to remain in it, can't bear it and want to do the other thing! So I shall take your advice to heart and try to follow it! 🙏🌺🔆

Yes positivity brings more positivity. Its all in who we surround ourselves with too. How much we allow or mind to be negative. If we can flip our negative thoughts to the opposite then positivity will flow. I like how you mentioned work we spend all our time fixing our house and cant wait to leave it , so true it’s actually funny if we think about it. Life isn’t easy but this group is wonderful and makes it so much better. Have a wonderful day. Sending virtual hugs your way.

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I'm afraid I struggle to be positive, when I spend so much time firefighting and dealing with difficult people.

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Yeah it can be hard when your physically and mentally drained to be positive. Then around difficult people.

My suggestion is try to distance from the difficult people if you can so it doesn’t bring you down.

Then surround yourself with positive people. If you feel overwhelmed with work people just write down how you feel and then try to let it go. Have one go to person that you talk to about difficult people. Then don’t discuss further. Maybe a therapist cam be your go to for issues. If we can talk about our issues once and leave it behind so it doesn’t overtake us and make us feel negative.

Make it a point everyday to find the silver lining of each day. Then talk about that . If you can wake up happy to be alive and look for the positive in the day. I think it will make your day less heavy.

After long day is done just relax and avoid others that want to talk about there negative day.

If you talk about positive things it can contagious to others and lighten the mood.

Have a wonderful day

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