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Try new food Thursday - gingerbread cookies

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Hi all,

I hope wherever you are, it's a bit nicer than rainy London! I managed about 10 min on a walk before I needed to come back inside.. very gloomy!

I haven't cooked anything much inspiring this week as I'm starting to get very tired in the evenings. I am however, attempting some gingerbread cookies this weekend, so I thought I'd share the recipe I'm going to use in case anyone else wants to try some festive bakes! I've never used this one before, so I hope it turns out alright!

What's everyone else cooking or eating this week?

Hope you all have a great rest of your week and weekend!

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I’m also going to try and make gingerbread shapes this weekend. I’m going to use this recipe and swap out the butter for vegan butter (I’m not vegan but my friend is) .. 😀 Hope they turn out nice!

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OOOH! please let me know how they turn out! Always curious about baking substitutes. I bet they will be amazing 😍

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Wow Jerry! I am so impressed by your cakes! I didn't know that a Dundee cake was called a Dundee cake, but I really like them and your's looks fantastic :) There is just something about Christmas and baking that is so nice 🤗 I hope you get to continue them all month!! Hope you stay dry today!! Have a lovely weekend!

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Hi Sadie! My granddaughter and I made gingerbread cookies on Monday! They made the house smell so Christmassy 😍 They are in the freezer waiting to be decorated a few days before Christmas 💕 It's bloomin' 'orrible here in Sussex also! xx

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Ah that sounds so so lovely! That is such a great idea to make them ahead and then decorate close to Christmas! I hope you have the best time 💕

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Thank you, and you too :) xx

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Oh I had no idea you could leave them in the freezer! What a great hack (Sorry, newish to baking)

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And most cakes too, just no icing 😘 xx

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The only thing memorable was a Reuben sandwich that I had yesterday :)

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mmm that sounds perfect! 🤤

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