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Try new food Thursday - Cheesecake brownies

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Good afternoon everyone! Hope you are having a great Thursday so far.

What has everyone been baking or cooking this week? I really treated myself this week with some cream cheese chocolate brownies. They were easy to make and have been serving my husband and I very well as a late afternoon snack with a cup of tea. The recipe is I just decided not to use espresso as stated in the recipe. I love the marble effect of the brownie, and I absolutely love cheesecake so these have gone down very well.

Is there anything special you have cooked, baked, or treated yourself to from takeaway this week?

Have a lovely rest of your day!

21 Replies
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Hi Sadie

The brownies look great! Well done, bet they taste amazing!

I made a pear and cardamon cake this week from a recipe out of one of the Times' magazines. It's very nice and easy to make :)

Enjoy the rest of your day


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SadieHU in reply to Just_Browsing_81

That sounds brilliant, I'll have to check it out :)

Hi SadieHU, I haven't tried anything new this week, so is there any possibility I could try one of your delicious looking brownies instead😉?

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SadieHU in reply to

haha I would love to send one to you! afraid it might not look as appealing by the time it travelled through the post!

in reply to SadieHU

Alas that's true ! 😀

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Wait?! What!!! It’s Thursday? 😂 that recipe looks delightful! I’ll have to try to find a version that’s not metric! My husband loves these and would be delighted if I welcomed him home from work with that treat!! Thanks for sharing!

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SadieHU in reply to Justanothermama

i definitely recommend them! most of the time i find recipes in cups rather than grams so i hope it won't be too difficult for you to find an alternative!

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oh my, that looks fabulous! curry of any kind is my absolute favourite. you may have inspired me now for next week's menu :) well done!

I had mini battenbergs this week which I enjoyed.

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SadieHU in reply to

mmm that sounds delicious!

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I couldn’t run today; bit of a niggle, so I decided to make some very choclatey brownies. I often cook main meals, but cake is a bit of a recent diversion. I left it in the oven a little bit too long, so lacks usual gooey consistency...we are just having to eat it quickly so I can have another go!😋 My sous chef (Mrs BC) says it will improve if we leave it for a while; not happening, it has had its chance!!

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SadieHU in reply to Beachcomber66

haha i love that! i hope your injury gets better soon so you can run again :)

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Beachcomber66 in reply to SadieHU

Thanks; just a minor blip.😊

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oooh that sounds absolutely amazing! even better that it is cheaper to make :) thank you for sharing!

Sadie it looks like you are a nice person too know.

Keep up the good work


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SadieHU in reply to

thank you so much Bob, you do as well!

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Mmm xx

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I made Irish Soda Bread, with currants, from an authentic Irish family recipe, and it was delicious! It called for buttermilk in the recipe, and that really added to the taste! I love brownies, and make them often. Baking is such good therapy, to get my mind off all the troubles, my family and I, and many others, are experiencing, during these dark days, of the unseen enemy, the COVID-19 pandemic! Thanks for sharing, and stay safe!

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SadieHU in reply to ddmagee1

thank you for sharing your soda bread making! i loveeee buttermilk and anything containing it is automatically my favourite :) i'm glad you find baking as therapeutic as i do :) hope to hear about some more soon!

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Hi Sadie,

I had an abundance of carrots, so made some carrot muffins. No too bad, but a bit heavy, good with custard as a pudding! Also managed to get a bag of flour so made fruit scones.

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SadieHU in reply to Marcy47

oh my goodness carrot muffins with custard sounds like a real treat! what good use of leftover ingredients!

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