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Any Help to treat skin rash

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This is not to do with COVID 19, I have a rash on my hands . I have had it before usually when I have been in the garden. I am concerned it could become worse if other infection gets in. So far I've tried salt water, savalon, vaseleen and now I have got a bacterial wipe with sterile glove over.Its itchy and tiny blisters like ecma anyone any ideas for other treatments they may have tried. I am still sheilding and unable to walk far or go out due to knee injury/arthritis awaiting surgery. Any suggestions would be appreciated I can always get a freind to get creams ect.

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Try hydrocortisone 1% cream. It is available over the counter. It works very well for me. I hope it does for you too.

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katieoxo60 in reply to Troilus

Many thanks.

Could it possibly be hives?

Don't think so as that is usually more severe all over thing. I recall having hives many years ago due to a drug reaction, I was very ill. But thanks for suggestion.

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Sudocream is a great all rounder for rashes so give that a try

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katieoxo60 in reply to Hidden

ordered another cream on line see how we go. Thanks for suggestion.

Hello pleased to meet you.

This sounds like Contact Dermatitis from any thing in the garden or even home.

This is a form of Eczema caused by touching or been in contact with daily uses of products.

Including soaps, washing up liquid, bath foams, or even foods and certain ones you may eat.

Diprobase is a cream used to treat this Doctors make an on line prescription.

I would suggest this speak to your Surgery, I get all my prescriptions delivered through local Pharmacy costs nothing.

Called Patients Access or other websites available. Often useful if you need meds, prescriptions talk to the Surgery.

I would advise keep a diary if this food related.

Allergies can resurface as can any dormant skin conditions.

Such as Zoster Virus caused Shingles.

Please if one other suggestion use latex free rubber gloves available on line AMAZON, useful.

Please if I can help further happy to be supportive .

Keep safe.

Please take care.

Hello , thank you for suggestions , you are right I think it probably is contact dermatitis or allergy reaction as I have other allergies to drugs but never been able to establish what this one is I thought it was maybe weedkiller but not used, only thing I have touched is horsehair which I always touch without reaction. Surgery will not give me an appointment only by phone if there is time as I am not flavour of the month right now and they are busy with new computer system :)

If all above fails ,dermal 500 is good ,cost £10 though

It sounds like Dermatitis to me (the tiny blisters make me think this), you need to get your GP to have a look. Good luck.

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SORRELHIPPOReading Rabbits

To ease itching, while waiting for treatment, I have used " Witch Hazel Gel" or pure Aloe Vera Gel, I keep them in the egg/butter compartment of the fridge, so cooling also. Keep my eye creams there also, when I remember to use them.

Good morning SORRELHIPPO, I have some wipes with aloe vera in them that help. Never tried witch hazel will keep in mind. Anything that keeps me away from the doctors is fine by me if it works. Thanks have a nice day

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Medication sometimes only works for a few times.

Stress causes skin itching worse.

Try aromatherapy oil (find one that you love) and relaxation.

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katieoxo60 in reply to Hidden

Good idea , many thanks.

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MidoriVisually impaired

Some plants have irritant sap, it could be that you need to wear gardening gloves while gardening.

Also, you could have a mild allergy to certain plants.

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katieoxo60 in reply to Midori

Hello thats possible too. Its been a little less flared today so maybe the worst is over once again. Fingers crossed its healing now.

There are often plants in the average garden which will cause a skin reaction. I came across this when living in the tropics and it took me quite a while to work out what was the irritant. In my case it turned out to be the plant commonly known as 'lady in a boat'. I don't know the horticultural name but it's not seen quite so often here, so probably isn't your nemesis.

It might be worth painstakingly trying out each plant to see if you can identify what's causing your discomfort.

As someone else has suggested, hyrocortisone cream 1% (available over the counter at pharmacies), will usually put a stop to the blistering and itching, but of course, only until you touch the culprit again.

Hydrocortisone cream as suggested by Troilus, or calendula cream(usually from health store), or Aveena baby cream, there is a new one perfume free etc. might be worth a try. You have my sympathy ...unfortunately trial and error and cost!

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katieoxo60 in reply to foxglove

Hi Foxglove, I have bought some Hydrocortisone as suggested. But have to wait for delivery as I am housebound. Have some Aveena in the house never thought of that one thanks. As you say trial & error plus cost to find one that works.It costs more for a taxi to the DRs than trying some of the creams. Enjoy your day

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foxglove in reply to katieoxo60

Hi katieoxo60, it was my daughter that put me on to Aveena, I think it is the oatmeal in it that soothes, there is also an oatmeal bath soak very soothing and relaxing. The maker is NUAGE, I buy n local cheap store, One pound for 4 sachets!

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katieoxo60 in reply to foxglove

Good morning foxglove, can't use bath soak as I don't have a bath only a walk in shower, but thanks for the thought. I think it was my step daughter that bought me the Aveena for christmas. Have to see if I can find some oatmeal shower gel maybe Aveena does one . My hand seems to be clearing up but ideas may be useful for another time , I am sure the occassion will arise again . Bye for now thanks for help.

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