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stress depression anxiety

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I had bad mental health last 20 years and suffered a lot and was on cycatric medications but lost

my job, family, complete failure. I have tried lot of all types of brain meds , nootropic, ayurvedic,

but a

lot of mood swings, sometimes miserable alsoIs there any nootropic, I can just swallow my

remaining life in morning and forget all life pressures and enjoy remaining life.Right now totally

depressed ,anxious,frustated,exhausted,feeling like dying,cant do anything,neither job civil or

other business, I am 46 now.I mean

any medicine I can take life long term and it keeps on adding

positives and I don't need to search any more market now and can concentrate on other life

issues and just be relaxed and enjoy life.Now I am in miserable situation again and suffering has

become part of my life , need some medicine or pill to swallow and get on with my normal

life.Need peace, calm ,relaxation,depression anxiety free,cognition power for office work,long

term medication ,may be for life long ,zero tolerance and side effects.Leaving all things in past ,I

just want to concentrate on my job and be peaceful and relax after office hours.

8 Replies
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Hi jain88 ,

Welcome to the group.😀👍 Thank you for Introducing yourself.

Everyone here is very helpful and friendly. If you want to talk about anything that is on your mind, please let us know and we will listen/try to help. We have a lot of different activities/postings for everyone to enjoy and participate in anytime. We have poetry, artwork, word games, book postings ( monthly), trivia, music, etc..😀👍🌈

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jain88 in reply to Activity2004

yes i need to divert the mind , my mind is so turbulent , i dont have any hobby also,i need to involve myself in art,music games which we use to play in childhood and were happy , i am into medications but trying to renergize my self talk to be positive so that medication dose remains lowest or just small help only ,lets us all make a whatsup group and share all everything there so we could help positive non medication help to live peacefully

Hi jain88,

I'm sorry you are feeling so low and anxious at the moment. I expect that the current situation has added to your worries too.

Finding some enjoyment in life is really important and I don't think it really matters how you manage to find that, whether through medication, therapy or both. The important thing is to make yourself as comfortable as you possibly can.

Of course that takes help from professionals and I hope you make full use of any advice, therapy and medication that they can offer you. I do know how tiring it is to be sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Well, we can only offer the hand of friendship here, but feel free to take that if it will help you at all. Sometimes it helps to talk things through, even if only online. Take care. 🙏

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Have you tried an online CBT course with the NHS? You are assigned a counsellor and have one session a week. It is helpful, but you need to put the work into it. I find just going for a peaceful walk in the nearby countryside with my dog helps my anxiety and depression.

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jain88 in reply to Stinkpot

ya but all r charging so high and chances of positive results r very less, either give me some number where r counselling is free of charge or very less , i am in india , but can connect to uk counseller on whatsup or skype

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Activity2004 in reply to jain88

Call your closest clinic and see if they can discuss a payment plan and if they can also have you do a Skype/Whatsapp/Zoom Video Chat appointment. :-)

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Try the NHS website. But I don’t know if you can access it from overseas. Worth a try.

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jain88 in reply to Stinkpot

YA FOUND IT HELPFUL , THERE r some good videos too NHS , YA looking for such kind of solutions, if people can help me here ,specific problem oriented, bcos there are lot of therapies , counselling,solutions but patient is unable to reach out there , if somebody gives good suggestion its worth million dollar ,solutions like just go to a doctor will not work as I as a patient has already gone to thousands of doctors , ya suggestions like go to that specific doctor or specific therapy or specific solution can work

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