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Who is your all time favourite comedian?

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Sid James’ laugh always tickles me



And AndyT is doing a great job on here with his jokes on here 🤩

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26 Replies
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Mine is comedians - has to be the Two Ronnies.

Victoria Wood for me

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

Now that's a hard one obviously Morecambe and Wise and two Ronnie's.

Who have I seen live?

Billy Connolly 3 or 4 times

Peter Kay twice

Victoria Wood twice

Les Dennis and Dustin Gee

Mick Harding

Dawn French on own and French and Saunders

Who would I like to have seen?

Dave Allen

Kenny Everett

bobbybobb profile image

Peter Sellers, Lee Evans, Morecambe and Wise, Norman Wisdom, Jerry Lewis, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Richard Pryor, Two Ronnie's. Lot's more. 😊😊

TexasLawman profile image

Old or new? Old would be Jerry Clower and Laurel and Hardy. Current would be George Carlin, Lewis Black, and Ron White.

I love standup and watch all I can. I also go to one of many comedy shows in my town.

Beingindependent profile image

Don Rickels

daveh121 profile image

Those two of course. Along with the Three Stooges. Two of which are cousins of mine.

Blue333 profile image

Rodney Dangerfield & Gilda Radner

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Mine has always been Mike Harding. He used to be known as the Rochdale Cowboy?

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MidoriVisually impaired in reply to hall2

I loved that song, Rochdale Cowboy! He was great, as was Jasper Carrot and Max Boyce!

Trueblue8 profile image

Tommy Cooper - a comedy genius

Les Dawson - out of tune piano playing has me in stitches every time I see it

Two Ronnie's - good old fashioned humour

Buzzytruk profile image

Peter sellers. Danny Kaye, Benny Hill., two Ronnie's.... My list goes on and on.....


Midori profile image
MidoriVisually impaired

Too many to list, unfortunately! Billy Connelly, Norman Wisdom, Laurel and Hardy, Rik Mayall, Sanjeev Baskar, Miriam Margolise, French and Saunders, Zero Mostel, Buster Keaton, and many more.

Cheers. Midori

Patsy10 profile image

I loved Dave Allen for the same reasons I enjoy Father Ted (Catholic upbringing)

Les Dawson used to make me laugh out loud.

This one will be controversial ! Jim Davidson

I also think there are a few budding comedians auditioning on here...……………….

Ell17 profile image

George Carlin, Flip Wilson, Richard Pryor and Ron White.😂,

Check out you tube for the News/Hippy Dippy Weatherman sketches with George Carlin and Flip Wilson.....Hilarious!!

jeffmayer profile image

Peter Kay or Billy connolly

Kalimers65 profile image

Peter Kay and Norman Wisdom

MSnWV profile image


Donnell Rawlings, Dave Chappell, Tom Segura, Bill Burr, Burt Kreischer, Theo Vonn, Bryan Callen, Dave Attell, John Oliver


Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Mitch Hedburg, Robin Williams, Patrice O’Nesl, Bernie Mac, Greg Giraldo, Richard Jeni

Just to name a few.

Big_Dee profile image

Hello Narwhal10

My all time favourite comedian was Bill Cosby, but alas I am now very very disappointed in him.

Johnem profile image

All of the ones mentioned.

One I haven't seen mentioned that could make an audience laugh all night was Ken Dodd.

HersheysMom profile image

Robin Williams...so much if what he did was ad libbed... a true genius.

Whippetygirl profile image

Dave Allan naughty but very funny.

AndrewT profile image

A Very Difficult choice, I Loved them all... but it Has to be Tommy Cooper, closely followed by Laurel & Hardy.


anon2508 profile image

del n rodney 100

Gene wilder and Richard Prior brilliant double act in See no evil speak no evil.

wiserlady profile image

Ronnie Barker, ken dodd, frankie howerd, kenneth williams and lucille ball

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