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What's your favourite Flower and why?

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Dear All,

This was a 'Link', that I saw Somewhere on HU. When I tried to 'Click' it, the System, told me it had been 'Removed'.

I thought 'What a Lovely Question', so I'm Reinstating this 'Post'/ Question.

My favourite is probably Lilly Of The Valley mainly because, as a child, it 'Grew Under' the fence- and into- 'My Garden'. Mr 'next door', Kindly (Uncle) Frank, had some and it Travelled. I can't look at, this plant, without thinking of those two- Agnes & Frank (Auntie & Uncle). They were 'lovely' neighbours, even Looking After our Mum- after her Operation. Many a 'Christmas Present' was Secreted there too. I did have 'other' plants, in 'My' garden, but the Lilly Of The Valley was my favourite. (The 'awful' Straggly piece, of Golden Rod, was the worst....).

Well that's my Special plant....


31 Replies
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SORRELHIPPOReading Rabbits

I love Lavender, easy to look after and smells beautiful. So many sorts available these days, and the bees love it.

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ellj in reply to SORRELHIPPO

You would love the lavender fields in Heacham Norfolk then.

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SORRELHIPPOReading Rabbits in reply to ellj

Have seen the pictures, they are beautiful.

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Mine are sunflowers, Andrew. They are sun lovers and turn their heads towards the sun, just like me! The bees and other pollinators love them and the the birds eat the seed, so useful too! I love all flowers, but if I had to ick one I’m not keen on, I think it would be alstroemerias, they’re a bit dull to me, but I know many people love them tho!! Xx

I too love Lily of the Valley AndrewT, partially because of its wonderful scent. For a similar reason I'm very fond of tuberoses too. Their scent on a warm summer's evening is so beautiful and they remind me so much of sitting in my tropical garden out in the Caribbean with a dark velvet sky above and their perfume wafting through the air.😊

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Daylillys. I love the wide variety of sizes and colors. So much bag for your money. I put up with the leaves that brown from the sheer effort of producing so many beautiful flowers. It’s hey are all over my garden. Right now a lovely one called mighty chestnut is in full bloom.

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Gillyflower18 in reply to Gillyflower18

I meant bang😂

Mine isn't just one flower but it has to be scented roses. My mum grew a 'Queen Elizabeth' rose which was pink and it smelt beautiful. I visited Castle Drogo in the Teign Valley in Devon and they had roses in the gardens and one of them smelt very like Rose Water, it was beautiful. I also love Pinks and Dianthus because of how pretty they are and that they smell divine.

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AndrewT in reply to

I HAD, past tense I'm afraid, a lovely Yellow rose- called a Freedom. When I was first ill, twenty-three years ago now- there was a Rose, in one of the London Parks, called Freedom. I said to my, every loving- ever present- Mother that 'When I Get out Of Here (meaning the Hospital) I'm Getting One Of Those- to celebrate MY Freedom.

So, when I did Finally, leave the Hospital and Move In with my Mother... I Had One.

I moved here in September 2020 and mu Mother 'moved' a couple of years ago.... so No more Rose😥.


in reply to AndrewT

I love Rose's, definitely my favourite flower and especially when scented.

What a lovely name for a flower Freedom and I'm glad you ended up with the rose until, unfortunately your mum moved. Think you'll have to find another one.

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ellj in reply to

I have a Queen Elizabeth which we rescued from my grandparents allotment years ago when they gave it up.

It sadly does not seem to like my so here but is hanging on by its fingertips and produces just 3 or 4 roses each year.

I would love to be able to propogate it but that too has not been successful :(


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MidoriVisually impaired in reply to ellj

Try loads of manure, roses are very hungry plants. One of my favourite roses is Peace, it was grown in my Granny's garden. She had the most amazing roses because she manured them yearly.

in reply to ellj

I'm so sorry your Queen Elizabeth rose isn't doing well. I can only grow in pots as the ground isn't good enough for Roses, also I'm not sure if they like the sea air where I live.

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I have many but Snowdrops in particular, I like them. 👍😊

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ellj in reply to bobbybobb

Oh yes Snowdrops, beautiful.

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Bridge31 in reply to bobbybobb

That’s funny because my surname is Bobbins and snowdrops are my favourite too. I was born in February in the very severe winter of 1947 and I was always my mother’s little snowdrop. My father had to walk 3 miles to the hospital every day for two weeks because transport was impossible.

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I’m a sunflower 🌻 fan

We grew them in the back yard

in the 80s and have pics of our kids standing with them!!!


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They were my mums fav and I used to buy them for her and she put them on the table near where she sat!!

Thanks for the memory J

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What a lovely memory AndrewT, the Lilly of the Valley is my favourite too!

At 5.00am on my wedding day I got up and picked these pretty little flowers from the patch in our garden to make buttonholes for our family and friends.

Also put a very small posy in a silvers bud vase on top of the wedding cake and slipped a few into my wedding bouquet.

My bridesmaid had a tiny basket to carry which I arranged Lilly of the Valley in too.

Thank you for your post, it has evoked lovely memories for me.

I love all flowers in their natural state, not so keen on those cultivated to be very different to their natural selves.


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MidoriVisually impaired

I love Lily of the Valley too, also multi coloured Aquilegia. The lily of the valley was a big bed of them under the dining room window, and my bedroom above that, so the perfume was amazing. Aquilegia was grown in the front garden, again under the window and I loved the multi coloured flowers. This was my childhood home, I hasten to add!

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Snowdrops, whispering of the coming of spring.

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I love all flowers but the one that brings a tear to my eye is the first snowdrop of the season. It was my mum's favourite flower and it also arrives at the time of my dad's birthday so a lovely memory of both mum a and dad. x

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I love Sunflowers their So Big and Cheerful looking like their always Smiling at You? 😀

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Black eyed Susan is my fave ~ just says, "happy!"

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Coleus. Reminds me of my Grandad, he used to grow them in his sun house.

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Dahlias. No question. I’ve been growing and exhibiting for almost 50 years. The last 20 years I have been hybridizing and am like a child at Christmas waiting for each new seedling to bloom and show its form and color. There is immense diversity in dahlias. From 1 inch to 15 inches and most colors. Fully double and open centered types. Try some. They are stunning.

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I love blue flowers

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That is my mom’s favorite flower. She like it since it represents spring. They grow under her window.

Well, being 98 she should know what she likes.

I seem to like all flowers but really like Birds of Paradise.

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I really like these three flower's equally #1 Scented Asia Lilly's. #2 peonies, and last , but not least Gladiola's. I thank GOD for these beautiful flowers. I am allergic to most flower's, but I have great fakes in every room in my house.

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Coral color roses and 2 toned flowers especially those that are this almost velvety purple and white

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Tulips 🌷

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