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What's anyone done today

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Quite busy today, ironing this morning, bathroom cleaned this afternoon, in between times looking on the Internet, and playing games on the tablet.

This morning I was concerned as the prescription I ordered 2 weeks ago tomorrow still hasn't arrived, but I checked Patient Access and it was issued yesterday, so hopefully it'll arrive next week.

I'm also pleased (if that's the right word) that furlough is to be extended into June, which will be a big help to me

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Hi Jennymary,

It’s great to hear that you’re getting a lot done today!😀👍 It’s also good to know that you will be getting your medication very soon. What games do you play on your tablet?

My day has been really busy here, too. I sent email messages, went on the groups, did some texting with a few people, had lunch and I plan to do a lot of reading before dinner and bedtime tonight.

Have a good evening and I will talk to you later!😀👍

Hi Jenny

Sounds like you've had a good day, doesn't it feel good when chores have been completed. I'm pleased your prescription is on it's way.

I went shopping this morning, made carrot and swede mashed together for hubby, I make it in batches to freeze. I then made myself a low fodmap Lentil, Squash and Sweet Potato Stew. Had a very late lunch and then went for a powerwalk.

Have a lovely evening.😊

Hi Jennymary,

Sounds like you’ve had a good day and it must be reassuring that your medication will hopefully arrive.

😂😂 My day, I’m super low key :- I’ve washed the dishes, ate breakfast, sent a couple of texts and bit of tinternet surfing.

showered and dressed, watered my plant called Drayford. I’ve meditated, done some EMDR and hypnosis. I’ve walked in the rain around the block into the park - I didn’t limp or feel faint/dizzy or like I was going to collapse. 😁👍🏻

Checked my post and a friend had bought me the film Arctic, so I watched that then a wildlife documentary. Had a nap and now I am HERE 😊

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daveh121 in reply to Narwhal10

How about a photo of Drayford?! That sounds good.

Sounds like you had a pleasant day also.

Hi Jennymary, Another productive day for you so I'm glad you found time for some leisure by playing games on your tablet. I find those really relaxing myself I must admit and try to factor a couple into every day.

My daughter's been cheering me up by sending 'funnies' on Whats App during the day. People can be so witty and inventive, it amazes me.

I'm glad for you if being furloughed until June is going to be of help to you. Take care and have a good evening. 😊

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

Well I was beginning to think it was Friday the 13th!!!!! And it's confirmed to me housework not for me

Decided to clean kitchen floor, swept edges vacuumed up got steam cleaner out no steam!!!! Got flash mop out that I use for wooden floor wouldn't work!!!!! Vacuumed rug in hall went to do room no suction!!!;

At least my bath to relax went well.

And I requested my medicines overnight wed/ Thurs and they were delivered 10 am this morning

That does sound like the 13th! With a pleasant ending.

My wife backed into my car on the 13th years ago. She said I parked it in the wrong place. Sheesh.

Fortunately it was sort of a junk heap.

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to daveh121

😂...haven't you learned it's always the man's fault!!!!!.......sorry

Jennymary - thank you for asking.

It looks like everyone is doing well and having a good time, as best we can.

Yesterday my wife and I hauled two truck loads of fire wood for the house, delivered some to an elderly neighbor, worked in the veggie garden for a mellow day. We have been working hard for the past week and decided to sort of take it easy.

Today we cut up more downed trees from the school across the road, split half of it, by hand because that is how I like to do it, then we’re lazy again.

Hope you and everyone else are enjoying their endeavors.

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I'm glad to hear your day was productive. I just pottered about all day. Took the dogs out. This evening one of the does Pip, he's the bigger dog, he was flat out asleep. His jaw and mouth goes floppy when he is asleep and it looked like he had a massive smile on his face. When I was a kid, there was this cartoon, Wacky Races with a dog called Mutley in it, well he reminded me of him I was laughing. 😊😊

I spent 1.5 hours pulling weeds in the backyard, I unloaded the dishwasher and loaded it. I made dinner. I watched tv hearing the latest. Just kept busy

Same thing happens with our dishwasher. Just when you think you are done it fills up again.

Europe does indeed have some interesting churches and pleasant surrounding grounds.

Nice to spend time there. I do enjoy a good pub also, but I guess that isn’t available at the moment.

Hope you get your medication ok. I got mine yesterday. When i checked it one of the tablets had been replaced with a different one with no explanation or discussion. I rang the surgery and she said a doctor would ring me which he did shortly after. He said there was a shortage of the tablets. I told him tbe ones i had been prescribed would interact with another i take. He had a look and said yes it had a red warning about the interaction. It was a good job i checked.

So getting back to what i did with my day. I started with half hour yoga, missing my weekly class. Caught up with emails. Spoke to my daughter and grandchildren on the phone. Missing them so much. Stitched more scrubs bags for NHS, read morning paper. Went for a short walk which turned into a long walk, my feet certainly know about it today. I recieved a letter to say i should be shielding but i spoke to my doctor and he said i am ok going out for a walk as long as i am careful to avoid contact with anyone.

We are lucky to live in a quiet village with lots of bridleways to walk and have found a different route most days. We ended up doing 4 miles yesterday. It was so nice seeing the wild flowers, birds and butterflies.

It was time for afternoon tea with a slice of carrot cake i baked earlier this week, a habit we seem to have acquired since the start of lockdown.

In the evening i knitted some hearts for the NHS whilst watching TV. The days seem to pass so quickly, i still havent finished reading a book i started reading on holiday just before lockdown.

I am not even thinking about holidays, it will be a very long time before we are able to go. Considering ourselves lucky to have been on a 28 night cruise snd a 7 night already this year before lockdown so we have some lovely memories to keep us going.

Plans for today. Similar to yesterday!

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