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What's anyone done today

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Pottered around, did some shredding and tidying up, had an email come earlier from one of my U3A groups, they've arranged a Zoom Coffee morning for Thursday,that clashes with my Shared Reading, so I've said no to the coffee morning this week, but hopefully the next one will be on a different day so I won't find myself double booked.

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Oh dear yes let’s hope so. I find it’s a bit all or nothing. Everything happens at once. I’ve got nothing all week then the one hour I book something it doesn’t fit with something else. I put it down to the law of attraction!

I’ve been practicing my drawing and watercolours. Have hit a bit of a plateau with my watercolours which I’m new at so have been having a go at drawing. Can do an amazing eye but one eye on its own doesn’t quite cut it lol.

Had a lovely walk this morning with Teddi the dog I walk and now I’m making Ethiopian Stew which I’m hoping to post on the Vegan forum later.

Enjoy your evening!

Ali 🙂💚🌈

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How's teddis sister twix getting on?

Hi Jennymary,

It's good to know that you had gotten some shredding and tidying up done around the house. I hope you have a chance to do both groups next week. They both sound fun and enjoyable.

My day has been really busy, but it started earlier than planned. I had a few snacks this morning, ate breakfast and lunch, did some messages on HU, did replies on the groups, rearranged some books on my shelves, used my phone for texting friends, listened to music on the radio and went on the computer after lunch. I'm planning to do some reading later today and after dinner/before bed, work on the word scramble puzzles and watch TV.

Have a good evening, Jenny. Stay safe. :-)

Well done on your tidying up and shredding, they can be tedious jobs. I hope it's on a different day next time, it's either all or nothing.

I've seen my youngest daughter today.

Take care and stay safe.

Alicia 🌈😊

Been on future learn, applied for 5 jobs, had a video interview for a reception job this morning and did my best, had my usual lunchtime walk after the interview and felt better afterwards when I came back home and listened to music as well.

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Jennymary in reply to

Hope your interview went well, and you get interviews with those you've applied for today, everything crossed for you

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to

Hope interview went well and hear back soon

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Hi Jennymary, I have done my shopping today, I thought it might rain but the day turned out pleasant. I took the dogs a treat back from the shopping trip. I must of had a hundred face calls from my granddaughter who has got a new iPad. So no one is getting any piece at the moment. She asked, can I ring you when your asleep, I said, of course you can, ring me any time you want. She is only 4 nearly 5. Hope you are having a pleasant evening. 😊🌼

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Baby gets her treat every Monday and this week it has been mackerel after she gets her coat brushed.

Today in New Zealand we are Covid free so everything is back to normal .

Freedom is back to do anything the only thing is our borders are closed to overseas visitors till other country's have it under control as well.

Hope you join us soon

That’s really fantastic news for you all fairgo45. New Zealand handled the crisis so well , although your island status and lower population must have helped. But anyway, lovely to hear that for you all, it seems to be all but over. I’m sure you are delighted.

And it brings another ray of hope that this will be over for us too by and by. Thanks for sharing 🌈🌈🌈

It's all down to our fearless prime minister who wasnt prepared to lose thousands of people her team of 5000000 she locked us down early and we did as we were told losing only 22 people to covid in the end it's a day to celebrate for sure thanks for your good wishes

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Slug_hater in reply to fairgo45

You’re so fortunate to have such a wonderful, inspiring PM. Ours in UK is a joke and can’t see it going away here, especially in the North where I live. So happy for you.

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The whole of the government in Westminster are a load of idiots in my view!

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to fairgo45

Gosh just 22 that's great, I live in a county where it's low but still over a 100

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That's nice news to hear from new Zealand.

It will be something nice to look forward to when this happens here in the UK.

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Jennymary in reply to fairgo45

I hope we join you soon, but I fear its going to be quite some time

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to fairgo45

Yes I heard that on radio earlier no new cases for 2 weeks, wish I lived there!!!!

I was woken up at 10.45 by a woman I've in contact with fortnightly from a support group about my condition & had a conversation followed by the Spanish inquisition so to speak

I have a pile of paperwork waiting to be shredded but haven’t got around to doing more than adding to the pile so far because I’ve been busy making fabric face masks. One of my friends has asked me to make her a birthday teddy bear so I think I’m going to be sewing for a while x

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to ArctoLindy

Mine used to pile up but now I keep shredder in kitchen and shred as I go along, much better BUT I did have a big pile to do that made me come to that decision

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

I've just done an online mindful relaxation class and feel very refreshed and all I could hear as coming awake was the birds tweeting. Archie did wonder why I was laid on floor on his throw though

I got up uncharacteristically early and drove 60 miles to Addenbrookes hospital for a rituximab infusion and a vasculitis clinic appointment. Very weird to be out as I am one of the 1 point something million told by the government to shield so I haven’t been out in months.

To see the hospital so quiet was also strange as they have a patients only policy for obvious reasons. Also seeing the familiar faces of the nurses in the clinics behind masks was another new experience that we will all have to get used to I suppose.

Very interesting chat with Professor Jayne about vasculitis treatments and the covid risk to patients like me with no immune response. I left the appointment much more optimistic than when I arrived which can only be a good thing.

They are an excellent team at Addenbrookes in my experience and anyone with an appointment looming soon who is worried about going there, based on my experience today and the measures they have in place, you don’t need to be.

Stay well everyone.

I used to be a member of U3A as well but then the WI opened a branch near me and after joining I found myself really busy. Had to stop U3A when I was diagnosed with brain tumour two years ago but stayed at WI and joined their book club which I still attend or would if not for Covid, the lady who runs it keeps in regular touch with us all x

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