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What's anyone done today

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Haven't got much to show for what I've done, but I've started going through my photo albums and destroying pictures I don't want to keep any more, no real treasures like I found yesterday, but my mum and I went to Venice about 30 yrs ago and I've found those pictures, I'm also a big Bristol City FC supporter, and in the late 80's David Moyes played for us and I had a picture taken with him and that has also turned up, think I'll be spending the next few days seeing what other treasures are lurking in my spare room

Don't know how many of you have come across Jacqui Lawson ecards, I have a friend who always sends me one of their Christmas Cards and interactive Advent Calendars so today her Easter card arrived, and a short while later someone else sent me exactly the same card

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Made a lasagne, made a chocolate smartie egg pudding , played with playdough, played out in garden and gonna watch frozen 2 tonight

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I been relaxing, watching TV, I'm just going to find a good film on Netflix to watch. Had the dogs out earlier for their walk. Have faced time the family members today. Your day has sounded busy. Have a lovely evening. xx

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Bristol - my home town, hubby supports Bristol City too. We always get a Jacqui Lawson Christmas Card from my sister and her partner, they are so nice.

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Jennymary in reply to springcross

Hi springcross, thank you for your reply, which part of Bristol did you live in and do you miss it, I don't want to say my exact location in case anyone works out who I am but I live in the Southmead/Henbury/Westbury-On-Trym/Brentry area, and my family home is in the Knowle/Brislington/Stockwood/Whitchurch area

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springcross in reply to Jennymary

I'm from the Redfield/St George/Kingswood/Speedwell/Hillfields/Fishponds area. I did miss it when we first move away but not now. When we left I missed the friendliness I has known all my life until that time as the place we moved to was not the same, but I don't miss it now as we went back there a couple of years ago and it was nothing like it used to be. x

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Florence83 in reply to springcross

Had many nights out in Bristol in my younger days, we used to go bierkeller

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springcross in reply to Florence83

One of my old haunts. 🍾😷

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Florence83 in reply to springcross

We'd go there a lot for birthdays, hen partys, loved it there, 🎉

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springcross in reply to Florence83

Me too. x

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It’s nice finding old treasures from years ago. I did some treasure hunting a few months ago and found a few statues that were a gift from a friend who was in school with me.

I used the computer, sent some emails this afternoon, had lunch, replied to some postings and comments, planning to do some reading later and listen to some music.😀👍

Hi Jennymary,

I hope it was a happy nostalgic trip through your pictures. I think it is as well to weed them out once in a while but there are those that are too precious to part with. Happy hunting in your spare room for other treasures!

I love Jacqui Lawson ecards. They are absolutely lovely. I'm delighted that she's still doing these, as I haven't looked on her site for some time now, but I always enjoyed looking at what was there and have also send a handful of them over the years. I've never been lucky enough to be sent one, but it must be so lovely to receive. She's such a talented artist. What a coincidence getting the same one twice!

I'm glad you got through your day pleasantly. I haven't done anything the remotest bit exciting, but I've really enjoyed my day doing some usual Sunday things. I also had a fun 10 minutes making silly balloons, one a rabbit and one a chicken. My daughter had included them in a basket of goodies she brought last year, but it was already Easter Monday so I saved them for this year instead. They glow for a few hours, and they are in my bedroom, so I hope they don't scare me when I waken, as I inevitably do, during the night!

I love going through photos, so many memories.

I went for a powerwalk/jog this morning, had lunch, made some GF soda bread, spoke to eldest then youngest daughter, saw our granddaughters on Facetime, typed up my diet diary and spoke to a friend on the phone.

Hope your evening is going well.

Take care and stay safexx

I have a cupboard full of slides from past holidays, I have not looked at them for years nowIn fact now I purchase books on where I have been in the past, it is easier to take a book out of my bookshelf than digging into the slides.

Today Had a peaceful morning looking at books and after lunch worked in the garden for a time then took the dog for His afternoon Walk. Then prepared Sunday Dinner.

Watching television History programs etc


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Well, yesterday we installed two new bee hives. Today they were out happily buzzing around and getting acquainted wither their new neighborhood.

Today was slightly lazy. Cooked a corned beef and squash in the wood fired bread oven, did a little garden work, had a walk with the dogs, wife and friend, worked on a radio repeater system that still refuses to work properly, and enjoyed the friendly day.

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Twenty-two years ago my late husband and I took our 6 year old granddaughter to Lanzarote for a holiday. She lived in Berlin with her Mother and due to the breakdown of the marriage between her mother and my son we only saw her once or twice a year at the most.

For the holiday we hired a video camera, a big bulking thing, it is amazing that you can now do more with a tiny phone than you could with that!!

A couple of years previously my husband had been diagnosed with lung cancer and had had one lung removed so I was very pleased to get lots of film of him teaching our granddaughter to swim.

We had been home a couple of weeks when absent mindedly I put this video recording into the TV VCR and recorded over it!

I just couldn’t believe it and was very upset. My husband’s cancer returned, and he died later that same year, so I was too occupied to grieve the loss of a video recording.

Now, all this time on, I can remember this holiday as clearly as if I did have a video recording and I think it taught me not to put too much importance on ‘’things’’!

Today I will try and finish a knitted doll I started some time ago. Because there is no time pressure I don't feel the usual need to finish something I have started. If something has not been exactly as I would like I have taken time to correct it without feeling the piece I have discarded was a waste of time!!

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