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What's anyone done today

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Weather wise it's been nice and cool today, no wind, went to the shops and there was rain in the air but it hasn't come to anything. There's a bus stop outside the co op and a bus pulled in when I was going by, there didn't appear to be many people on it, looked like one person downstairs and a couple of people getting on

Got home and found a letter telling me I don't need to shield anymore, today was my last day!!!

Otherwise I've just pottered around

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Hi Jennymary

It's been very cool here today as well and the wind has gone which is good. I'm glad you managed to get out to the shops and that it was just a little damp in the air. The buses have been very quiet here as well, I think people are avoiding them.

Yay, that's excellent news that you no longer have to shield.

I made a curry, quinoa veggie bowl, peanut butter and some ice cream, the ice cream is for my hubby. I also ground down some oats to make oat flour.

Have a lovely evening.

Take care

Alicia xx

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That's what my optician told me last trip! xx sorry you're sore now :(( xx

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Hello Jennymary!

Not done much today to be honest, it's drizzly and I think that's how I feel!

Spoke to occupational therapist today, which went well, she basically emailed my manager to say I was shielding until end of July, so to speak to me nearer the time. Interesting you have been "unshielded", as she said that there was talk of it being extended until end August!

Went outside to water my pots and check on veggie progress, all looking good! A bit of sun tomorrow (fingers crossed!) and I will have courgettes, French beans, chard and lettuce to harvest!

Have to decide what to do with my chicken thigh now for supper!

Have a nice evening xx

Busy on future learn and job hunting today and did some washing as well.

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Thanks RF! Yes it is a relief tbh I was a bit apprehensive! This is my first year with raised beds they brill! They're not difficult to make, look on freecycle and such sites for wood, the soil was the tricky bit, but I got in touch with a guy that does groundworks and he was quite happy to loose a bit of soil! Shielding has been fab for me in the garden, esp when weather nice! I love the sun and with the Corsican blood in me I don't tend to burn like some poor so and sos! I try to grow enough for my daughter and family too. xx

Went and bought some new clothes then visited a stone circle which was interesting.

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While I been working it's been raining all afternoon. By the time I get home rain stops and sun comes out.

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Hi Jennymary, Done the chores today, walked the dogs, did another picture but the highlight of my day, was going to Asda at 7 pm this evening. My granddaughter is staying overnight at the weekend so I went for some home comforts and treats in the way of new toys for the newly decorated spare room that was recently done. Why I say it was the highlight of the day is because I have been on a quest, that's the only way I can explain it, on an errand for my mum for a couple of months now. She has needed a Valeda replacement mop head cloth thing. I have had difficulty finding it all this time as she gave me the wrong information as to what the product was. Then In Asda, as I turned my head, in the opposite direction from the kids, slippers, my eyes where suddenly drawn, like a hawk, to the Valeda replacement products. I walked over, I felt my quest could be finally coming to an end, after all this time. I phoned my mum there and then in the shop. She was so happy. Triumph at last and a sigh of relief. Hope you have had a good evening. 😀😊

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There's lovely having your granddaughter staying with you at the weekend!

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bobbybobbAmbassador in reply to

I can't wait catgirl1976, I'm excited. She eats tons of fruit so I'll stock up tomorrow..👍😁

Took mum carpet shopping endless samples and visits to different suppliers,a carpet is a carpet to me but wool thread,all-sorts I've learned in one day,came home and she started asking my opinion just said up to you and escaped to my room for a quiet hour😛

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Sounds like a good day!

Looks like we might be locking down again in California, at least to some extent.

Today was a nice bike ride, pesto making, canning pickled beets, and making zucchini muffins.

It was about 84f today.

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mattymoo33 in reply to daveh121

Your day sounds perfect 😊🌈

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It was nice for sure.

Hi Jennymary, first of all how lovely to be officially out of shielding, though I know you'll still take great care not to put yourself in harm's way. I've found the same here with buses, even in the middle of the city. Very few people are opting to travel by bus.

I had a bout of my tachycardia yesterday, so a very quiet day yesterday and off to bed early. But back up and running this morning. Have a great day today!😊

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Hiya. Congratulations on your excellent news😊. Myself and my hubby got up early for a bike ride, it was lovely and we managed 10 miles. So nice in fact, we did it again this morning. We only saw a few people and lots of geese, ducks and swans.

Have a great day with your new freedom 🤸🌈

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Hi....... I did my famous oozlum bird trick this morning after breakfast.

Firstly I got the cleaner out and went through everywhere.

Followed in hot persuit with the dusters and polish.

Then I checked the spare space in the freezers (two very small ones)

Asda arrived , always in the first half hour of the 2hour slot.....

More or less sorted everything, then had to sit down with the remnants of a cold cuppa as feeling just a touch wobbly.

By 11 am had my puffers, got a hot cuppa. Everywhere straight.

Now sat watching TV with feet up........ 😁

Jo...... 😊

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