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What's anyone done today

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Usually I work weekends, so the first few weekends we were in lockdown was a novelty for me being at home, but today I've found it quite tough, haven't done much, destroyed some old photos and shredded old paperwork. I've had quite a few days during lockdown that I've been frustrated, as I'm sure we all have, but today despite what I've been doing I've felt incredibly bored, but I've got a fair few weeks to go and apart from clearing out the flat, airing cupboard will be done when photos and paperwork sorted, I'm just beginning to find it tough going, hopefully tomorrow I'll get done washing done which will lead on to ironing, and see how the week goes

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Jenny...... No telling how long lockdown will go on for, slow down, give yourself a chill out..... read, listen to music,watch tv, watch/listen to the old music on YouTube...... when you go back to work you might be glad of a break!

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Hi Jennymary, we just have to keep going don't we, knowing that an end to it all will come soon enough and then we won't have time to do anything. Today, I have walked Bobby and Pip my dog's, then went shopping for my mum. I got her a lemon drizzle cake and a couple of mags that I know she likes as a little treat for her. So she would have found them when she opened the bags. Later I will continue watching a Netflix series I am currently watching. Hope you have a pleasant evening. xx

Sounds like you are getting a lot accomplished.

I’m teaching myself a language on a free app duolingo.

I’m sweeping, pulling weeds.

Working on crafts that are left unfinished.

Stuff like that.

Hope you’re doing well and find things you enjoy.

Im loving it, busy getting loads of things done and more.

I know it can be hard for some but just hang in there.

You can always come on here for a chat if you get really bored. 👍😀

Hi Jenny

We dont know how long this'll be so how about some hobbies, are you able to do jigsaw puzzles ie. do you have any? Maybe listen to music and also do those things you never do ie. sit down and meditate/deep breathing I do find that very calming. Are you able to catch up with people over the phone, it's good to talk.

Be kind to yourself.

Take care


Hi Jennymary,

Today so far, I have gone on my phone and computer to do replies to comments/postings, had breakfast and lunch and then sat on the recliner relaxing with my cat. I plan to do some reading later this afternoon.

I'm sorry you're having a tough day. Do you have a favorite author you could read a book by? Do you like card games?

I hope you have a good evening and talk to you later. :-)

Hi Jennymary,

Sorry it was a tough day today. I find it odd that, although all days sort of meld one into the other now, Sunday somehow still feels different for no real good reason.

I've not been bored today, but the day has passed more slowly than some do. I've watched more TV than usual and haven't felt like doing much. I rustled up a cottage pie and some veg for dinner and I'm now trying to decide what to do with my evening.

At least I had a walk this morning, and it was so good out there as it was very cool with quite a brisk wind blowing. It blew a lot of cobwebs away.

Hope you'll feel more back to normal tomorrow and in the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy your evening. Take care.

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We enjoyed spam and tinned tomatoes for dinner tonight!

I will be great at cooking and baking when this has blown over which is a good thing to come out of something horrible.

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GhoundsReading Rabbits

Sorry to hear you're struggling. Done a bit in my garden and been reading the paper, been knitting too. Sounds as if you're accomplishing a fair few of those jobs we never seem to get round to. How about learning a language or trying some craft? Is there anything you always wanted to do but didn't have time for? Any books you always meant to read? Think the internet is offering virtual tours of museums and galleries.

Today I have finished the fashions of the royal family on future learn which I really enjoyed, had a 6 mile walk and went to our local park and now they have a 1 way system walking round the lake there so I know for next time I go there it's a 1 way system.

I have cleaned out one of my cupboards in the kitchen when I was looking at what was left to have for next weeks meals and sat down and listened to music as well.

Everyone gets times that they feel fed up as I have had a couple of times myself when I have felt fed up and frustrated due to the way things are at present like on Friday I was annoyed about having to have gone to another shop for some eggs as the first one hadn't got any and I just said not to worry it's not the end of the world which isn't being rude to anyone as no it isn't the end of the world just an annoyance but I did get them after from somewhere else and had been free to go home afterwards!

I told myself how it's normal to feel angry when stressed and how it's natural I was feeling like that as none of us like to be disrupted and how it's hard to take when the life you were used to gets taken away without warning like whats happening now however my view is life contains lots of unplanned events and how positive things can come out of events like this and how it's normal to feel angry and it is allowed but what isn't acceptable is to be rude to anyone for silly reasons like not getting your way as in cardiff a customer had sworn at a member of supermarket staff for no good reason except they couldn't have their way over some mineral water which in my view is childish and petty for a mature adult!

My day did not start well, got an abscess at the bottom of tooth, phoned the dentist and had a chat with him and he has sent a prescription for antibiotics to the chemist which the wife will collect tomorrow, other than that been on the tele, out the garden looking whats needed doing once this thing in my mouth decides to get better, got a lot to do in the garden but chest will decide how much i do a day, lock down not so bad for me as i have a large garden and three dogs to keep me busy, stay safe everyone

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