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Difficulty Communicating?

So I've been suffering from depression for around four years, and I have always struggled to answer questions and be able to communicate my feelings and emotions.

I saw a school counsellor for my last three years of secondary school, and I was never able to fully hold a conversation about how I was feeling. Thankfully, the counsellor got to know me over the years and tried to help me in reaching out to gain the support I need.

However, I did begin to find a way around this issue. It didn't solve my communication issues, but it helped people in understanding how I was feeling and how they could support me effectively.

- I sent my counsellor a letter. I began to write about how I was feeling inside whilst I was at home feeling sad and isolated. This helped the counsellor understand what was going on so we could work together and I could let some of my emotions out. This then developed over the years so that I used it to explain my emotions during therapy or to a tutor at college. Writing it down really helped on the days when my mind blanked and I spaced when asked a question that I knew I could answer, but I just couldn't get the words out.

- texting. I also began to find texting a really good way of letting people know how you are doing. I struggled to communicate with my mum, I went silent every time she asked questions. I felt too uncomfortable speaking verbally to her as I couldn't plan what I was going to say. So; when I left for college and I was feeling down, I would text her. I would either text her to say i'm just feeling down, or I would explain what was bothering me. This began to bring us closer from when my mental health had began to tear our relationship down.

I still struggle to communicate, but now how it use to be. I can sit with my mum and talk verbally with what is bothering me, and I can also meet my therapist without clinging to a sheet of paper.

These two strategies may be basic, but a lot of people ignore them. They are very useful and have really helped me overcome my anxiety in areas where I had to open up about myself, and regain relationships.

Stay strong x