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Heavy is the head that wears the crown

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Whether Monarchist or Republican,no one could doubt her Majesty the Queen,s dedication and sense of duty and her stoicism shone through yesterday at the funeral of her beloved husband,HRH the Prince Phillip ,Duke of Edinburgh.

After 73 years together i do wonder how she will cope without her mainstay,but she will,on the day she became Monarch she pledged her life,whether long or short,to the institution of what she was born too,she does not rule,she reigns ,and the Monarchy has been a stabilising force in Britain and its Dominions across the seas for 1000 years.

She looked so frail and so alone,and how she managed to contain her anquish i really dont know,but i believe her strong and abiding faith has pulled her through.

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YOU really extremely rude and nasty and i suggest you do your homework and look at the grim terrible things that republics have done around the world,and you fail to accept that the British monarchy 'reigns' and not 'rules'.

Defend monarchy if you can

wonder where you are from, you dont say on your limited information,and you have not belonged to this forum for very long ,and it does not support hate.

I'm from earth. I dont hate I'm just wondering how could someone still support a monarchy

Ah,so you are one of those who likes hiding behind a keyboard to spew venom.

I must admit I feel the same as you. I'm not knocking any individuals as it's not personal but I just don't understand how in this day and age we can still worship a privileged few who are born with golden spoons in their mouths. It's just so quaint and old fashioned.

There has been a huge amount of posts and comments about the monarchy in recent days for obvious reasons and the site has been overloaded with them. As an anti-monarchist I am finding it distasteful and annoying now There is no need for rudeness though as everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Abuse on here is not allowed.

It is possible to disagree without getting nasty about it.

Perhaps in future the admins could put up one post and everyone could put their comments on there instead of the multiple ones we are seeing?

Thank you Jerry xx

Thank you Jerry🐰

You just replied to me 😊🐰

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Oh no! Well, you know me🙄

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😁 x

Thankyou Jerry

Hi Roddy, I realised several years ago when HM The Queen made a public appearance on her own one time that HRH Prince Philip The Duke of Edinburgh was in hospital, that she cut a lonely and lost figure and I truly had a flash of insight into how he'd supported, guided and advised her over so many years. I truly felt for her yesterday, especially having to sit in isolation as so many have had to do at their loved ones' funerals since the onset of the pandemic.I believe this lovely lady once said that, at her coronation, she made a pact with God that she would reign until the day she died, but I hope that she will delegate most of any future duties to HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, and allow herself to rest now, with what must obviously be deep grief.

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It certainly was very strange seeing her without him yesterday Sue, since I was a child I've always seen them together😔

Thank you Jerry so much,your words resonate with so many of us.x

Absolutely Jerry!

I don't know about others but Prince Phillips funeral really upset me yesterday , , I think being of a certain age where he and the Queen have always been there , it also brought back memories of my wonderful parents who were married for over fifty years and were also always together, it was the end of an era for us all I think, the Queen is an amazing woman and we are so lucky to have her, long may she reign .

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yes,it affected me quite badly,i cried my eyes out.x

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Me too, it's was so sad yet so beautiful x

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Yes it did me too. Seeing the sadness in Prince Charles' face as he entered the chapel. And the heartbreaking sight of the Queen sitting alone, head bowed. As you say, the end of an era for those of us of a certain age.

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It upset me too Md, especially seeing the Queen all alone with her head down like that - I can't get that picture out of my mind.

Well said Jerry couldn't have said it better myself .

Yes of them all I think Prince Charles was most affected , I so felt for him,maybe because he is the eldest and he knows that the Queen will depend on him to get through this very sad time.

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Yes you could really see the grief and pain in his face

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Yes, it was Prince Charles look of sadness that upset me the most too, not only has he lost his Dad, he has a lot of unappreciated, by many, responsibility ahead!

Well said Jerry 🌟

Excellent analysis! I agree! It’s too bad that she had to sit, so alone, when, obviously, she needed comforting ! It’s too bad her lady-in-waiting couldn’t have been allowed to sit near her! Alone and fragile, in her extreme grief! When she seemed to have trouble walking, it would have helped if somebody could have helped her; however, I do understand the rules are to never touch Her Majesty, The Queen! R.I.P. HRH Prince Philip, duty and responsibility toward country and The Queen well done!!

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Yes exactly about the Lady in Waiting, she was allowed to sit in the car with her so why not in the chapel for the service.

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Yes I thought that too, it was very odd

I’ve been to two funerals during lock down and a member of the family was allowed to sit with the widows during the service as they were both elderly

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They said that no-one is allowed to touch the Queen, but she wouldn't have had to touch her if she sat a couple of feet away just as she did in the car. It's weird isn't it!

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focused1Reading Rabbits

I see where you are coming from but I feel she will get a lot more support than some ordinary elderly who live in poverty with no support and spend their last savings on a dignified funeral for their husband or wife . I respect her loss but I would focus my worries on those closer to home .

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Yes in some ways,, but in other ways she had the world watching her in her grief, I’ve been to two funerals during the lockdown and the ones who were left had the comfort of a member of their immediate families sitting with them, I don’t see why the Queen couldn’t have had one of her children sitting with her , they would probably have had to stay with her beforehand but that could have arranged surely, it just looked so awfully sad

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Sometimes protocol and security as we live in a mad world . I feel the Queen would have all reasonable wishes granted .

Whatever your views on the Royal family you have to remember a lady aged 95 was saying a final goodbye to her husband and soul mate of 73 yrs and that alone deserves respect

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I agree . I think most do respect but many tend to know everything. I find that when people pass they are so wonderful but when the DOE was alive he was usually seen differently. It is good that all the work he did is now more broadly known but most only knew vaguely what he did and the extent now he isn’t here . Maybe we would have more respect for other Royals if we knew more about their lives outside the personal bickering and negative stories. I would be more interested in their charity work as there are so many documentaries made now that they are getting that unfair almost Kardashian status .

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there was a most appalling comment which was so offensive,but seems to have been deleted now.?x

Yes I replied, but it ended up posting as a reply to someone else so I deleted it. I'm in the US so I've had it with politics, but just wanted to say the pics of the Queen were very moving for me. I feel sad for her. Whatever anyone's opinion of the UK the royals are a family of human beings. It's so strange, even as an American, to see the end of an era. My mother was 7 when they married. She's now 80. So both my generation and hers the Queen has reigned with her Prince beside her.

Hear hear Jerry. x

Good to know. Unfortunate tho.

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