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Happy New Year and thanks

Just to wish HNY to everyone and thanks for all the advice you've given. I'm suffering with a swollen foot, tingling in fingers and leg and will try to make an appt with GP in the morning. Not sure if this is following my latest pred drop from 20 to 15mg/day or to do with my heart condition.

We are expecting to be homeless some time in the next two weeks so don't know what my future holds, especially don't know if or when I'll be back on here again after we are thrown out of our home (by my mother would you believe it after we had moved in at her request to care for her as her medical diagnosis indicated she needed 24/7 care for the rest of her life!). So, just to wish you all the best in case I don't get the opportunity in the future.

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You are such a 'brave heart' and fellow sufferer, what can I say to help? All of us that read your reply will feel the same as me, I'm sure. My heart goes out to you and I pray that your situation will not be as bad as you fear!

My wish is that you will not lose your home and, therefore, be able to stay with us.

Stay in touch if you can!

Love Pats.


I too hope that you can keep your home for 2013 and beyond. It seems silly to wish you a HNY but I will as sometimes things happen for a reason and turn out better than we had dared to hope. I hope this comes true with you.

The 5mg drop in pred is a lot in one go, I tried a couple of times to do it but failed and flared so I do 1mg every 2 weeks.

I will be thinking of you




Hello GreyOwl

You're so kind to even think about sending New Year wishes to others when you have so many problems at the moment. I do hope you managed to get an appointment with your GP this morning and that he/she was able to reassure you with regard to your foot swelling. I hope your worst fears about being homeless do not materialise and that you have some good friends around at this difficult time.


Thanks for your kind messages. Well, my GP wasn't in today so I'll have to wait until Wednesday to call for an urgent appt.

Guess I'll have to take things easy until then!


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