Not all bad news

Just had a rhuemy appointment last week after a 6 month prior appointment where he started me on a 0.5mg reduction plan every 4 weeks which has now got me to be on 2mg Pred per day (happy days) roll on March (fingersx) .I have also lost over 1 stone in weight since August mainly due to finding that i can cycle off road on a mountain bike, with no problems to my hips or shoulders. The last good thing is that i have also been discharged from the hospital :) I know how hard this PMR can be for you all i just wanted to share some good news with you all and there is light at the end of the tunnel ( even though i an not quite there yet)don't give up

I hope you all have a good Christmas and happy New Year


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  • Excellent news Steve, well done!

  • Steve

    That's great news all round, what with the successful reductions, loss of weight, cycling and discharge from hospital - 'slowly slowly' is definitely the secret. A good morale-boosting post for everyone and a good start to the Christmas period for you - well don!

  • Hi Steve,

    So well done. You give hope to us all.

    All the best for Christmas,


  • Fantastic news

    Have a fab Christmas and an even better new year. xx :)

  • Nice work, Steve. I'm hoping I can follow in your tracks. Now down to 4mg and intending further reduction after the Christmas and New Year disruptions.

  • That's great news Steve and with the sun shining outside today it's lightened my mood. All the best for Christmas, to you and everyone else!

  • Happy for you Steve. Seems like he suggested the 0.5 mg monthly reduction when you got to 5 and its working a treat. I read of this before on here and I'll do the same for sure.

    Happy Christmas all and a Healthy New Year.

  • What cheering news! I think getting some positive news about successful reductions is so encouraging for everyone with these conditions, so well done both on the reductions and activity level, and also for taking the time to share. I totally agree that .5 reductions are the way to go -- I did them from about 7.5 on myself. Slow but sure... I am down to 1.5mg and will probably start the move to 1.25 or 1.0 over the next week. I also think testing what you can do physically and slightly pushing that threshold -- walking as fast as you can or a bit longer, cycling a bit longer/faster, swimming a bit faster -- is good. Not overdoing it but just always making it a little challenging. :)

  • Hi Steve

    How wonderful, now you have made me and made a lot of other people happy, .

    It can be done. Congratulations


  • Wonderful news. It is great to hear of a sufferer doing so well. I am encouraged by your slow steady progress. Thanks heavens my GP has advised following similar small reductions roughly per month and so far this approach seems to be working.


  • Good news Steve and it's morale boosting hearing of other sufferers success. I finally got down to 7mg last month and this month have gone down to 6.5. Hopefully in the New Year I'll be down to 6mg as I have been fine with the last 2 reductions. Slowly, slowly......

    Happy Christmas to everyone :)


  • Hi All best of luck to you all I am also reducing down to 5mgs today I feel rotten but I am going to hang in as I have been on pred for 5 years want to give my body a rest Happy Christmas to you all and a Healthy New Year


  • Steve,

    That is awesome news! Congrates and I am so pleased to hear of your progress! I have no doubt that activity does help, at least it has for me and some others! I know there is hope for all of us!

    Have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

    (The Joy of the Lord is my strength)


  • thats great news for you. i am still on 15 mls but go this week see specialist fingers crossed they can help.have aa Happy New Year 2013 jinnyxxx

  • I envy your trouble free reduction of steroids. Be cautious though if you are being treated for PMR it can flare up ( I really hope it doesn't!) So, keep a good supply of your steriods so that if it does you can get it nder immediate control. Best wishes for good health in 2013

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