Not to bad Considering

Not to bad Considering

Hi all, hope you are as well as can be.

I am not to bad with the PMR but other health issues are doing my head in. It's like "what else can you make me have wrong with me" at the moment.

Got my letter from the rheumy diagnosing me with RA but also on his letter he confirmed that I had PMR also. A bit strange as at the appointment he said he doubted I had it. But he says the pred is obviously working.

I am reducing the pred by 1mg a week and am currently on 12mg daily.

As from Monday my MTX will increase to 20mg weekly until I see rheumy again in Dec.

My sugar levels however are high especially in the afternoons leaving me overwhelmingly tired. My Metformin was increased to max dose and now I have been given Gliclazide also.

My BP has also been very high at 160/100 so a different doc changed my meds as I had high pottassium. He cut my Lisinopril from 10mg to 2.5mg then gave me Amlplodipine increasing to 10mg. I got very swollen feet and ankles and also up the front of my calves and could barely walk not to mention headaches. Spoke to my usual doc and he said to go back up to 10mg on the lisinopril and down to 5mg on the Amplodipine.

I just want to feel like me again with energy and drive.

I had a fab day yesterday but today I am like a deflated hot air balloon.

But I will keep smiling if only to hide it all from the kids big ones included.

Anyway moan over, now for a cuppa and wondering how I can clean my dog after he has been outside playing with the older dog.

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  • Chin up Sue,

    I know you get the blues sometimes, but you're such a fighter, and by the way, you write rather a good 'letter', nod, nod ,wink, wink, know what I mean?

    Shame on you though! Harvey and mud do not go together.


  • I only get the blues when everything is on top of me mainly family.

    Your right harley and dirty water don't mix. I let him dry off then brushed him but he is still a murky colour. Hubby will have to bath him.

    Thanks for the other thing;) glad it's now being sorted:)

    How are you doing Pats?

  • Sue,

    feel pretty good at the mo. Increased the dose back to 10mg a while back and feeling it's made a big difference. Pain mosty gone and energy levels up.

    What a battle - but one day we'll make it I'm sure.


  • Sue,

    Poor ole sosige,!!Seems to me that u could do with a "wash out " of all your tabs ,and start again from beginning !!!!! "They"do that sometimes.What do you think??Not sure where or how or cost .May be worth asking.xxSue.Some dog!!

  • not heard of a med wash out???

  • Lovely puppy, Sue8. He must be good for taking your mind off things, sometimes. When I was a kid, we had a boxer who would roll on disgusting dead gulls on the beach and, when we got home, would head straight for the bath and wait. Maybe you could train Harley to use the shower!

  • oooo, now there's a thought, he prob would sit in the shower cabin as he is that laid back he falls over. He is lovely isn't he and yes he does take my mind of things.

  • Good morning Sue and I do hope that you (and Harley) are in finer fettle today!

  • Morning Celtic, I am not to bad this morning thank you. Just a fuzzy head and painful legs but hey ho onwards and upwards. I have lifted some frozen pastry out to thaw to make some maids of honour later. I don't have to roll it out so much easier on my hands and wrists.

  • morning sue feel so sorry for sue 8 am same up down just hang in there girl they will sort t out eventiually. i know the pain i thought dropping i was okay got severe leg cramps and floppyarms put me backto befor 15 mls daily sweating bad but okay sort of.

    i find everyones symptoms are differant as others have added disabilities as well so it is harder to cope with.we all dread the pain i think.

    on a brighter note what a beautiful dog you have all white. Is it a boy or Girl looks a little boy.Doesn't matter take care jinnyone x

  • He is a boy indeed his name is Harley and he will be 21 weeks old tomorrow. He is gonna be so big and needs to fill those ears lol.

    I don't think I am going down on pred this coming Monday I don't feel I will cope even 1mg drop so gonna give it another week on 12mg. Will be going up to 20mg MTX on monday so hopefully will get more relief soon.

  • Good morning Sue,I didnt mean literally.Dont actually know,but a friend of mine had it done at a Highland Hospital,and he moved away after his divorce, to somewhere unknown.Sorry.Hug,Sue.

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