Not good news

Went to docs today to see about tapering steroids down to find out I have 3fractures on my spine ,spinal stenosis disc generation protruding disc etc osteophrititis (spelt wrong )

All to do with a blackout I had weeks ago and didn't say anything to anybody

Not a happy person looks like car has to go I know I am 71but it hurts never mind I could be worse definitely don't want this pmr though

Has anyone else been in this predicament can give me any advice as to what to do also have a/ f hip and knee replacement oh june stop moaning pick yourself up and carry on

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  • Rusty8, you are in the wars today! The spinal fractures are horrendous on their own, never mind with added extras.

    Do you mean that you are having replacement surgery in June, or have you had it? I've had one hip and one knee done without any problems.

    Have some hugs ((((()))))

  • Just make sure they're gentle! Me too - hugs I mean.

  • Thanks Dorset lady

  • Rusty 8,

    I'm sorry no wise words but just sending you some more very gentle virtual hugs. I do hope you can keep the car and continue driving. I know how dreadfully upset I would be if I had to give up mine. You have made me count my blessings but so sad you are having such a rotten time .

    All good wishes, Irene x

    Ps you are definitely not moaning!

  • Thanks Irene it's nice to be able to talk to people don't feel so alone

  • Thanks Maisie just to let you know pain is residing after pills me thinks it will be a pyjama day today if you can't beat the youngsters join them lol will I be saying that later me no know 😂😢😢😢

  • Pleased you are feeling less sore, Joan. Nothing wrong with taking things easy for a day or so.x

  • I'm so sorry you are having such a rotten time and good for you being appropriately sad for yourself love and compassion Rusty 8 sending you healing light and a gentle hug


  • Thanks you Isabella

  • Some very gentle hugs from me too.

  • And from me too June. Don't give up on the car just yet.

  • Rusty8,

    Hugs and warm thoughts. How challenging and painful this time must be for you. Try to get as much help as you can and be gentle and kind to yourself.


  • Wishing that hope would fill your heart today xoxo. Take care.

  • Gentle virtual hugs from me too. A lot of information to take in- you're not moaning just sharing with folks who perhaps have more understanding than some. Take care, take a day at a time. X Jackie

  • I am recently diagnosed , and have just about got the balance right on medication side effects re: the disease itself . Steroids ( on 10 mg) tend to put me on a bit of a high , which means I am inclined to whizz about doing too much, for which I then pay with pain and fatigue. Dr has suggested tapering down to 7 mg over 3 months which seems a sensible route to go . I find the forum very helpful is seeing the often far worse trouble that others are in , such as rusty8.. It also helps to normalise many of my symptoms . After a very busy week for various reasons which I coped with on a waft of steroids, I now have some pain , so am planning a gentle start today and a little bit of relaxation in the sun. Like others I am thinking of the poor people of Manchester . I am due to go to Wembley stadium on Friday night, so will continue with my plan and show the evil terrorists that I will not be deterred .


  • Hello My heart goes out to you as I'm going through a rough time like you .I was was fit and healthy on no meds at all .Then was took really ill in Oct after losing sight temporarily it was found to be G C A .Since been on Preds I have got three fractures of the spine the last one was in the lumber region I never want to go through the pain again its horrendous Five months later l still cannot walk more than a few feet .Dont know if its the meds we take causes more problems I have now got a few issues going on now but hope fully will finish my journey to get well .I class my self lucky after what As happened In Manchester my thoughts are with everyone bless them.

    I can understand how you feel about your car as I thought I would after give up driving but have been told after numerous test I'm passed safe to drive which as given me A little freedom back .Sorry about the moaning I'm supposed to be cheering you up not telling you my life story but I'm not very good at putting things down on paper .Take care x

  • Hi there hope pain has subsided a bit it's horrible isint it it's also horrible to say it was nice to hear someone else with similar problems sorry wouldn't wish it on anyone but when sat alone you think you are a hypocondriac then you hear someone like you pop up and you don't feel so bad

    But I do wish you well

    Take care looking forward to hearing from you if you come up with anything that will help please tell me

  • Hello Rusty8 i will keep in touch with you thats if you want to hear about my never ever ending episode.I have had call DR wants to see me so just off there again to see what else they have found me beside the prolapse I have now got to get sorted and my liver is now bigger than it should be .But I am 76 so I think my scaffolding is colapseing around me .Im sure it as something to do with the preds was on a very high dose for along time but coming down now down to two one day three thats in 6 months due to drop again tomorrow fingers crossed all goes well .I do have weepy days but it doesn't do you any harm I just pick myself up and think there are people out there worst than me .Take care keep smiling you know the old saying laugh and the world laughs with you cry and you cry alone x

  • Sorry not added reply to Rusty8

  • Hi Rusty what symptoms would you have had with, fractures, or if any?thanks

  • Hello Rusty8

    Don't despair. With the exception of the joint replacements you could be me - other than the fact that I have four spinal fractures and I am 78. Is your initial problem PMR or GCA? And were you diagnosed with osteoporosis after a Dexa scan? Are you on your own? This site is always here for you, as am I.

    I'd like to give you a hug anyway.

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