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New meds and feeling better

Hi everyone

Today I started new meds. I was raised to 30mg pred on Thursday last week and put on ,Lansoprazole, Alendronic acid and calceos chewable.

It was a bit of a nightmare this morning as had the Lansoprazole on waking then had to wait 30 mins before taking the Alendronic Acid for which I had to stay upright for 30mins. Still no cuppa by thime and I was gagging :)

Once that 30 mins was over I made bacon butties for me and hubby and sat down to eat and take my Metformin and pred.

I had finally had my 1st cuppa and was on a glass of milk to then take the chewy one which was palatable.

So thats 10 tablets taken in one and a half hours. No more now til evening meal and bedtime.

Back to the gP on Tues for a blood test of my CRP then hopefully see the doc that knew all about this blooming illness.

I have to say the 30mg pred are doing the job apart from painful knees but not sure if that is the PMR or not. I have been given Naproxen but they contain lactose so you can guess what they are doing. So will only take if really need to.

On the up side, I am feeling good for now so all the meds may be worth it lol :)

Have a great day and hopefully most of you are also in less pain today. Keep smiling :)

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Hi Sue,

I guess it's a long slog sometimes, but at least the AA is only once a week, It's your sunday treat, ha, ha! Only joking, but I bet your bacon butties and first cuppa tasted the best ever.

Today is the first I have felt ok for over a week. I really did myself in valetting my car a while ago and really knocked myself up. Had to put the pred up for the past few days to 8mg. Also took ibuprofen. Today I feel reasonable again, but no sunday outing for us. I daren't push it yet.



oh no Pats bless yer. You are a naughty lady valeting your car you should have known better lol.

The calceos chewable wotsits were not bad either it was them i was dredding but they were ok. Will see how I go. Still trying to get my head around the amount of medication /i am taking in one day it's stupid.

Are you ok with the ibruprofen? I have been given Naproxen instead.

Take care



Hi Sue,

Yes fine, but I don't overdo it. Usually only one dose a day when I need it and always with food. I believe Nap is a similar drug, but you are on quite high pred now and I doubt you will need it. I would take paracetamol if I could but it makes me feel aweful.

So glad you're on the up!



Hi, have been reading this blog since being diagnosed with GCA in March and notice that most contributors have PMR (which fortunately i do not have) my recovery is going well, reducing pred/regular blood tests, aa tabs etc. GP good and advises reducing with caution so all going well apart from weight gain! My question is, what is chance of developing PMR, has this happened to anyone.



Hi Pam

It can happen, but from what I have come across to date, it seems to be more common the other way around and, sure enough, I was one of those to succumb to PMR first, followed by GCA. However, I must add that I suffered from PMR for a year with a rheumy being unable to diagnose me, in spite of being bed-bound for several months of that year and attending hospital appointments by ambulance and wheelchair. I was finally diagnosed by a different rheumy when GCA symptoms arrived. I later learned that people who don't receive steroid treatment for PMR are at a much higher risk of contracting GCA!

Your GP is on the ball when he advises to reduce with caution and your regular blood tests should help to guide you.

Running a local support group under the auspices of PMRGCAuk, I am in touch with several members who have 'just' GCA and they are happily reducing successfully, but slowly, down through the lower doses at present.

It may reassure you to know that throughout my 5+ years on steroids, any flares I suffered were in PMR and not GCA. I wish you a flare-free journey to remission.


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