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Getting my first shot of the Moderna vaccine today. I’m taking 7mg of prednisone and due to give myself my Actemra shot two days later. Is there any info about delaying your injection? Tried to contact my rheumatologist but he is away. His nurse didn’t have an answer for me.

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My Rheumatologist says to continue as normal with both pred and tocilizumab. Even though our immune system is suppressed by these drugs and we may not have as great a response to the vaccine as others, it's also important to control any inflammation, as that would have an adverse effect on our immune response to the vaccine too!

So keep calm and carry on!

I had the AZ vaccine last week and no ill-effects at all.

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Thanks Rugger. I was hopping that was the case. Hate to mess with things after I just got a flare under control.

That was my advice too for this Friday - we share the same Rheumatologist. (Rugger)I have just started a 7 day course of antibiotics for a persistent, painful eye infection. I am wondering if I can skip one injection? We are supposed to for infections and antibiotics ( I have submitted several photos over the weeks to the GP and finally got a prescription for antibiotic tablets). Then get invited for the vaccine. 🤦‍♀️

I got an eye infection last year and was told to skip my injection for as long as I was on antibiotics to give them the chance to work. I don’t know about having the vaccine while on antibiotics. Might check with GP.

Just had my vaccine, I inject Methotrexate every Friday, I asked the man who have me the injection if he could ask that question to a doctor nearby, the doctor came over, she said inject as normal....hope that helps...

It really does help. Thanks

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It depends on the rheumy - some are telling patients to delay their tcz. others are not. Prof Dasgupta said before xmas that he would tell patients to have a tcz holiday in the same way as if you had an infection but not to risk a flare.

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Thanks. Having just gone thru a flare I’m inclined to inject. Do you agree?

I've had my first injection and kept up my regular injection schedule along with my steroids. I truly don't think you have anything to worry about. My rheumy said to continue as usual. Even though we still have to be cautious, it was and is a great relief to have some protection.

I also had Moderna and had no ill effects at all. 💖 😉

Thanks Grammy80. You are always way ahead of the rest of us!❤️

I don't know how far ahead I am? ....I am what I am because of all of the gals said in the beginning..."You Are Not Alone" and that makes all the difference in the world. xo💖


I also got first doze of vacination an my Tocilizumb doze ,s date is Thursday on the same day I haveappiont with my consultant so not worried you also try to contact because he could give you better advise according to your health conditions as its also very important to not get worst flares

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Thanks. I agree. I need that shot to keep the flares away.🌺

My Rheumatologist did not have me "delay" my Actemra injection. Continue as usual. I have had a flare of PMR symptoms after second injection. I did not treat with anything. 2 wks post however, I did have to increase my prednisone . Rheumatologist has me on my increased dose for 10 days before starting the wean. Best of luck!

Thanks. I plan on injecting tomorrow following my normal schedule. My flare is under control with the help of all the wonderful people on this site. Don’t know what I’d do without them. I added an extra 5mg for ten days and have just dropped to 7mg this week and will go to 5mg next week and stay there for the winter. I flared trying to reduce from 4mg to 3.5mg using the DSNS method. My body just wasn’t ready for that yet. Good luck.🍀

I followed prof Dasgupta advice and took my mx a week before and will start again tomorrow which is 2 weeks after the jab.

Sounds like a great idea but can’t do this now. Already had vaccine and need shot tomorrow. I’ll remember this before my next shot in March.

My rheumatologist said that we do not have scientific data with these new vaccines on how well immunity develops in those on immunosuppressant medications. Therefore it is better to take the medications when vaccinated and not risk a flare.

Thanks. I’ve decided to do just that.

That’s the trouble BC. The timing has to be right, x

I had my vaccine on Friday,and due to take my Actemra tmrw as normal,you will be fine to take it.xx

Thanks scottygirl173. I’m doing my injection tomorrow.

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