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Covid Vaccine and PMR

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I am here in the states. Many of my colleagues have received the first and second shots and almost everyone who received the second shot was quite ill with fever and bodyaches. My concern is these are healthy individuals. I also have a close friend who works in the hospital and is seeing the same thing. So my question is, has anybody received the second shot and did they get sick and did it cause a flareup?

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Two of my neighbours have had two vaccinations each. Both over eighty. No side effects with either first or second jab.

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

The clue is in the sentence - “they are healthy individuals” - so therefore their immune systems are working better than yours, and reacting to to the vaccine. As they should.

Those on steroids are likely not to react as strongly as the immune system is compromised by the Pred.

You may or you may not get a flare....

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It has been said that healthy people having their second shots and people who had had the Covid virus previously having their first shots have increased reactions - it is a sign the immune system is doing what it is meant to do. Most people here are in the UK and won't have had their second shots yet.

If you are worried about the reaction to the vaccine - think about what could happen with the virus.

My second shot did give me an immune reaction, but not a GCA or PMR flair. I am off steroids using metaphysical healing and occasional non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs. After the 2nd shot, I did not take anything to lower my fever or body aches to allow the immune response to help me make antibodies. It's been 2.5 weeks since the second shot. I noticed I did have a flair of my patchy alopecia areata, but that seems to be subsiding. Glad I was able to get it. I'm more concerned with developmentally delayed son getting the vaccine since he has so many allergies.

My brother in law is 79 and had no side effects from his 2nd shot.

I am on Actemra for GCA. Have had both shots. After the second had fatigue, headache and a little stomachy for 3 days or so, then fine. I’d get it again in a heartbeat!

I am on 4.5-5 mg of prednisone after 3.5 years. I had the first shot and no reaction and having the second shot next WED. and I will let you know!! I will post a new post reporting how it goes. I think, that as DorsetLady said...healthy individuals is key. we have suppressed immune systems so might not have so strong a reaction...but any protection is good protection. !!! I'm hoping to feel a little sick!! (who da thunk it!! ) Pfizer shots

I felt really quite unwell for around 30 hours with nausea, fever and an awful headache. Had to take the day of work and sleep. Managed with paracetamol.

I feel fine now - I had the jab on Sunday evening and haven't had a flare-up. I would still have the jab and I feel that managing a flare up if it comes is part of the illness. Still better to be protected.

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maria40 in reply to Coffeebeans

I had bad feverish reaction for about the same period and very tired for as couple of days after that. But I had no flare thank goodness. I had the AZ vaccine.

I had the Moderna vaccine this past Monday. Had a slight headache, a few aches and pains and a slight fever on and off for two days. I’m taking 7mg of prednisone and give myself an injection of Actemra every ten days. These minor side effects will not keep me from getting second dose of vaccine on March 8th. I did worry that I was experiencing a flare but doing better now.

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I know this tread is a bit old but I will go ahead anyway.

How did the second vaccine go? I had my second Moderna vaccine on March 8th too. My first dose was on Feb 8th and it seemed to cause some problems. I timed my Actemra injections a week before and a week after the first vaccine dose.

It was interesting because I was completely off prednisone going into my first vaccine dose. I developed some moderate to severe pain after the first dose of vaccine. I consulted my rheumatologist who recommended increasing my Actemra injection from every two weeks back to weekly so I did that.

I also told my rheumatologist that I was thinking about a week long prednisone taper starting at 7 mg and decreasing by 1 mg per day. She didn't exactly like that idea but didn't say not to do that. I went ahead and took the prednisone and finished the taper a week before the second vaccine dose. The prednisone seemed to help the pain.

I was dreading the second vaccine dose because of all the talk about how much worse the second was compared to the first. I had no problem after the second dose. Now I need to tell my rheumatologist that going back to every two week injections of Actemra might be okay.

I just hope that I had a good immune response to the vaccine.

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Spoke to my rheumatologist two weeks after my second vaccine- Moderna and he said the Prednisone shouldn’t affect my immunity and thinks the Actemra is also not a problem either. He said very confidently” you’re covered”. I’m still double masking, not eating indoors and staying away from crowds. I just feel so much better. I’m not as worried as I was. 😊

Yes, I have PMR and I got the second shot (Pfizer) a week and a half ago. Not much of an issue except very tired the day after and somewhat achy, headache but I always have headaches that are mild so I didn't think the side effects were too bad at all. No energy to work out though so I just rested all day. Slightly red area around injection site for over a week but didn't even notice it until I changed shirts. My sister was a bit more tired than usual and achy, but that was it.

I got both shots.. Pfizer. 2nd one 2 days ago NO side effects whatsoever. Husband had fatigue. he is 82 and I am 74 I am on 4.5 mg prednisone.

Yes, I received my second Moderna vaccine 3 days ago. I had a flareup, chills, vomiting, exhaustion followed by fever. Slept 16 jours and it was all over. Back to normal on 15mg (Diagnosed 1 month ago) My Rheumy said despite the response my immune system is working!

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