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2nd Covid Vaccine DONE.

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I am writing this not to make anyone envious but to inform I promise!! I had the second dose of Pfizer vaccine WED morning at 8 am. I felt nothing at all. I am on 4.5 mg. prednisone 3.5 years into PMR and am 74 years old. My husband 82 had extreme fatigue about 3 hours after the shot and went to bed for about 6 hours and woke up feeling fine. Thursday I could tell I had a shot in my arm if I pressed on it. THAT is the extent of our side effects. I am hoping only to have some protection against the disease if I get it. I will be happy just not to die. Now if only there were a vaccine against it all.......... LIVE On!! Stay Safe. Have Fun! The outdoors is still OURS!! *although my outdoors has been -19 ..(warming up now 2 above ) but at least I am not in poor TEXAS!

ADDITIONAL INFO. woke up this morning a little nauseated. mild diarrhea. and an itchy arm where the vaccine went. Not sure if it is all related. feel better now at noon...

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Good News Bonnie 👏🏼

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I have a friend from Scotland who moved there several years ago - sounds a bit dodgy!!!!

Well done! Good and reassuring news.

👏🏻👏🏻That’s great! Lovely to hear your news.

That's great news. Thankyou for the heads up too. Onwards and upwards!😃😃

Great news Bonnie. And yes, poor Texas. They're not as well geared up for the cold and snow as MN is... But it's easy to nip off to Cancun to escape it, it seems! 😉

haha. what a jerk!

Hugs Bonnie! We are right behind you! 🌷

Good news for you, yogabonnie!! I'm sure that's a load off your mind whether you realized it or not. I live in very rural northern Minnesota, which has been a blessing through most of these times. Our governor and state have the vaccination system set up so I have complete confidence that I'll be inoculated before the snow melts. Of course, that's usually late April or early May!! 😆🤣🤣🤣😆 Very good to hear about the minimal after effects. I know that some do worry about that possibility of bad things happening afterwards.

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where are you in Northern Mn?


Hello from Texas hill country. Just got home after week at my daughter's house. She lives only 1/4 mile from me and was out of water and no electricity, however, she and her husband could shovel snow for the toilets and dogs, and they have a wood burning stove. Lovely for both Lily, dog and myself to be home and warm. I am waiting to hear when I will get my second Pfizer shot, got the first on 11th, when the big storm began hitting us. Hope all are weel and warm. :)

So glad to hear things went well. Last Tuesday my husband and I had our second shot of Moderna. We were both a little tired the next day but that is nothing new!! No issues. 💖 I wish everyone the same...and soon~!

In the end I had a reaction to shot.. coincidental or not I do not know.. but flare with PMR so upped to 10 from 5 for a week and back to 5 and okay! so onward with DSNS.

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