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I am on 6 mg of Prednisolone is it ok to take High strength Turmeric with black Pepper 600mg with the Prednisolone.

Thank you.

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Your best bet is to look at related posts - this query comes up quite regularly, if on iPhone related posted are below so just scroll down - iPads, laptops, PCs they’re on right of screen.


It depends on what other medication you are on and also you yourself. Some people find that high dose capsules give them an upset stomach.

If you look at the Related Posts at the side/bottom of the page you will find a lot of threads discussing it which will probably provide a lot of info.


gives a lot of detail. Pred can lead to easier bruising and gastric upset, so can turmeric so both together may have in increased effect.

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Thank you.

Be careful. That combo gave me dreadful stomach cramps.

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Thank you.

I was having a half teaspoon of turmeric with black pepper and a little coconut oil in warm milk daily. I came out in a horrible very itchy rash on legs arms and chest. A friend had to stop it because of stomach upset. Others I know take it without a problem. 🌻

I considered this but read on the net that too much turmeric can cause liver problems

Hi I just cook with it whenever I can- although I personally don’t like the taste! So I add ginger and smoked paprika to vegetables cooked in olive oil in the oven. The TV programme”Don’t ask me I’m a doctor “ or was it “Ask me I’m a doctor”!!🤣 suggested it was better to cook with it rather than take in tablet form.

Be careful taking tumeric in addition to the prednisolone. I was having a stressful time and the shoulder pain increased. Rather than increase the prednisolone i tried tumeric. It amazingly reduced the pain very quickly but caused terrible acid stomach which was almost worse than the pain . I am sure it was caused by the tumeric and prednisolone combination because when I stopped the tumeric my stomach reverted to normal .

Just be aware.

Thank you.

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