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Progress and a bit of fun


I wrote a silly ditty for someone on her quite a while back. Am posting it here now so I can delete from my iPad as iCloud alarmingly getting full and I don't want to pay 70pence - I know - I am that old miser. I am currently on 6 and 5.5 alternate. Slight delay to latest reduction as I fell hard on pavement, still recovering! Just signed up,for unlimited Pilates and, dare I say it, my sleep quality is improving! Have amitryptiline but use sparing,t and prefer natural sleep aid. I do feel I've turned a corner! Hope it isn't too early.

Wake up to another day and

Yes, I'm stiff, and yes there's pain!

Record how sore from 1-10 -

Steel myself to rise again.

Eat my brekkie, take my pred

Tear myself away from bed

Check the iPad - health unlocked

Latest entries - all been clocked

Feeling lucky; loads more worse

This bum disease is such a curse

No more groaning, on with the day

It's PMR not GCA.

Fuzzy eyesight

Hair around lip

Excruciating rods in hip

noise in ear

lump on neck

Funny tummy

What the heck?

Sweats and mood swings

Lack of sleep

Constant resting

Muscles tweak

Turmeric tablets

Omega three

Alendronic acid

Vitamin C

Magnesium, iron

Vitamin D

All washed down with vitamin B

Carbs reduced

And Sugar cut

Why's my face

Bigger than my butt?

Lack of focus

Hard to think

No it isn't down to drink!

I've PMR so I abstain

Steroids forced me to refrain

I'm getting there -

But this road is slow

I'll do what I can to help it go

And one day it will!


Please remove if too frivolous! Won't be offended!

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Many a true word spoken in jest!

But I don’t think Shakespeare will be too worried about the competition!

I love it and have all the symptoms. I haven’t the faintest about I-cloud but get sent grandchildren photos every week and I’ve been storing them in there. Should I expect to be fined?. 😳

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to SheffieldJane

No, you get a certain capacity free, but if you get near to filling that, they usually ask if you want to purchase more!

I’ve got a lot on mine, but photos do use more space than documents.

You can always store stuff that you don’t use every day - like photos or info on a USB stick - available from a well known online store - prices vary depending on how much you want to store on it!

Sigh! I never signed up for all this. What I wouldn’t give for a long letter and a single photograph. X


I keep getting told I cloud is nearly full so delete as much as I can afford to avoid internet payment!

Thelmarina in reply to Pongo13

I pay .79 a month so reckon it’s worth it not to have to worry! 😀


I almost managed to sing the first part to the tune of Miss Parton's 9 to 5...just tweaked it a bit. 🎵🎶🎶

It's life but not as we used to know it.

Did you read the article about raising pred to 10 after a fall as falls can cause relapse?

Pongo13 in reply to Hidden

I probably read it and forgot! Dr said stay at 6 which I did for two extra weeks and am surviving!

Blackcat1M in reply to Hidden

Wish I had known that when I fell out of bed, might have saved me a lot of problems.

Dewdrop456 in reply to Hidden

Hi Poopadoop,sorry to butt in but do you know if the Prednisone dose should be increased prior to a tooth extraction?Thanks

HiddenAmbassador in reply to Dewdrop456

Hi dewdrop 456, I think some dentists are more reluctant than others to carry out dental work and some report having increased their pred dose. I think it can also depend on what other meds you take. For example if you take alendronic acid or similar it's recommended you have dental work prior to starting it. I am linking you to a previous discussion so you get more ideas if how people have approached dental work. I have only had fillings since pred. If you scroll down to the bottom of the linked message, there should be more related discussions that have popped up. I think the main thing is that you discuss meds and treatment with the dentist. I hope this helps.

Dewdrop456 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Poopadoop,my Dentist didn’t seem to have been asked about this before although she is a very experienced dentist.I am not on Alendronic acid as I’ve refused to take it. I am down to 5 and a half to 5 mgs at the moment but think 6 is really my dose.Thank you for the information,I will study it .

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Dewdrop456

I didn't before having a wisdom tooth out. I didn't before having root canal treatment and maybe I should have - it was a long and somewhat arduous process!!!! But I survived fine.

Dewdrop456 in reply to PMRpro

Poor you.I actually had a training dentist work on a root canal years ago to the very tooth that probably now needs to be removed.It too took ages as he kept having to ask for help.It was on the NHS and cost £40 as opposed to £350 by the experienced private dentist!

As I am on 5 to 5 and a half mgs I think that I might be alright not to increase.

I was hoping to catch you to ask for advice about an extra diagnosis which has unluckily come my way .I will start a new thread.Thank youPMR pro.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Dewdrop456

My dentist is very good - I wouldn't have stayed with him given the price otherwise! I always liked the Dental School aspect of having it checked. I had a horrendous experience with a "private" dentist and the root canal was probably a result of his inefficiencies!


Yes saw it and it made sense

Love it!! I am glad you didn’t delete before posting it here.

This could be me...without AA in the mix!....

Love it

My brain doesn't think to even write something so true

I will be singing this like Poops to Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 all night now , but it has given me a smile so thanks for giving us a little gift to cheer us from your very creative soul😘

Made my day! You covered the lot 😂😂

Love it, so true!

Loved your ditty, it was not silly but so true.

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