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Happy New Year Everyone


Hi everyone I have been keeping up with everyone’s posts and like others want to say thank you for all the support you give. New Years Eve is a chance for reflection. Two years ago I had not been diagnosed but could hardly walk. Today I am to 3mgs and yesterday I did a five mile walk!

I am hoping this time next year I will be free of steroids! For those of you who may have read about my tooth issues! I visited the dentist 24 times this year! Plus a private surgery for extraction and tooth implant! I am now in possession of a new front tooth and am trying to get use to it!

Still struggling with weight issues but if you eat your own body weight it chocolate you will be fat! So only myself to blame. For those struggling with a fuzzy face, I got a braun facial epilator for Christmas which is great! So may be worth exploring.

Look forward to reading everyone’s updates in 2019 and let’s hope we all make great strides in our improvement journey:)

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Lovely post! Happy New Year to you too. Continuing looking on the bright side. I am liking my steroid curls that have finally settled down with a good cut and my hair appears to have grown back. Lost weight during my grandsons’ visit - so now I know it’s possible. I stopped the sugar in solidarity with them and never stopped moving.

Well done, Jane! Hope you manage to keep it up and the weight down, in 2019. xx

I am finding sugar gives me a stomachache. Back to eating my almonds and more protein. I even returned a drink at a restaurant yesterday. Too sweet. I think I'm making progress.


Happy New Year Julie 🥳

Glad your tooth issues are getting resolved. You've had quite a journey. Hope the end is in sight for you too. ❤️

You have done well to be on 3mg in 2 years. And as for a 5 mile walk! Well, I take my hat off to you. I struggle/shuffle down the road to the bus-stop.All the best for 2019.

You are an inspiration to us all.

As one who has suffered dental issues from various health issues I know how hard coping with the dental chair can be for those suffering PMR / GCA , and the effect that extractions and dealing with new teeth and new looks can have contacted the way you feel in general.

You are so positive and I look forward to seeing you progress and learning from you over 2019.

Plus I love the tip for getting rid of the peach fuzz !

Hugs and Happy New Year . Bee xx

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Thanks so much that is lovely x

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