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Happy New Years to you all

I just wanted say happy New Year to everyone, you have not heard from me since February as I have been struggling with lots of issues.

Anyway I am now down to 3 mgs pred for the last 5 weeks, which I am struggling with a bit, but from the original 60 I almost feel like I am off them altogether.

I had my first knee replacement on the 9th September, went great and the 2nd one being done on the 29th February, and I cant wait. I had an epidural as they didn't want to put me out and it was brilliant I didn't feel a thing. I could not praise Addenbrookes hospital enough, they were brilliant.

I really wish everyone well for the New Year

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Hope you don't mean 29 Feb, otherwise it will be a long wait, next one in 2020! Or have I mis-read the sentence?

Good news on getting down to 3mg, but still keep going slowly, don't rush and spoil things now you're so close.


Well spotted Dorset lady, I was having a duffer moment. I am having it done on the 23rd February

I intend to stay on the 3 mg until after my op now so that I am very settled before I drop any more.


Are you struggling on 3mg because of a return of symptoms? If so, don't! There is no virtue struggling an a dose if you feel notably better at 1mg higher - and even more so when you are waiting for surgery in 7 weeks. You need to be able to mobilise after the surgery and you won't manage so well if you have problems due to reducing pred. If it isn't so much symptoms but more fatigue then you need to slow the reduction right down - your body is having to start to produce cortisol itself and that takes time to settle down. The stress of the op will also not help - and fatigue won't help recovery!


Hi PNR pro

Things are settling down now with the 3 mg, just very tired as well with work and working all over Christmas with the kennels.

Definitely not stressed about the op at all, I cant wait. 4 days R & R being waited on hand and foot and Morphine, Luxury

Recovered really well from the first one and much more mobile, no longer in a wheel chair.

But I wont drop any more now until after the op and recovery.


Good idea.


Before joining this support group I went from 7.5mg of prednisone to 5.0mg then to 2.5mg. over the course of about seven months. Although my labs were in the normal range, the scores were increasing which should have been a warning. My rheumatologist cautioned me to increase the prednisone if the pain returned. I stubbornly stayed at 2.5mg and experienced extreme fatigue and general adrenal withdrawal type symptoms. I finally returned to 4.5mg, joined this support group and educated myself about the mistake of tapering too quickly. I'm using the dead slow method. Currently I'm at 4.0mg tapering to 3.5mg.

I appreciate the advise and references you provide.


Best Wishes for 2017 & Good Luck with your next surgery 💐


Also wish you all the best for 2017 and best wishes for your future surgery.

X Jackie


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