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I often whinge about the inadequacies and frequent 'bunglings' in our medical treatment(s) but I am also aware that in so many ways we should be very thankful for the things that contemporary medicine does really well. I am for example grateful for the drug Prednisone which likely prevented the loss of eyesight (and other bad things) which my own mother experienced 40 years ago. Yes things (side effects) are far from 'perfect' but at this time of year I think it important to be 'thankful' for some of the 'good' things and so I am posting this wee film as a classic example of the 'best achievements' in science, technology and medicine.

This is I'm sure you'll also agree very moving and also a fantastic indication of how receptive and 'clever' wee humans really are ... quite wonderful !!

Happy Yuletide and all the best to everyone for 2019


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How many of us are alive thanks to medicine, I am forever grateful to those that found chemistry so interesting they pursued it far enough to make a difference to millions. Merry Christmas to you too

Rimmy in reply to Angiejnz

Yes - so true Angiejnz !!



You are so correct, we have a lot to be thankful for medicine wise. Prednisone, Actemra, and good Doctors are all a blessing (not easy but still good). If not for a fast acting Doctor and 60mg of Prednisone I would not have sight in my left eye. Thank you for your post and have a great Christmas and a happy and safe New Year.

Rimmy. What can I say. The tears are streaming You have shared something so wonderful. Thank you. The darling baby has the face none of us “ adults “ will show the world. Pure emotion. How utterly wonderful. I will hold this, and you, in my heart xxxxxcc

Agree Linda - absolute unselfconscious emotion - almost 'perfect' and as such amazing ...


Lovely sentiment! So true . We are lucky to be born in such an age and in our corners of the world, beyond measure. Happy Christmas and a happy healthy New Year!

How lovely

Happy Xmas to you a well

Oh that little face, I could feel mine mirroring all those emotions. What a wonderful post.

Amongst all the angst and turmoil in the world the tremendous advances in medical science gives me faith that there are dedicated, intelligent, altruistic people who enrich our lives - I am in awe of them, and very grateful for their work.

A very happy Christmas and a bright, hopeful 2019 x

That's beautiful Rimmy, thankyou so much. Wishing you al the best.

I cried with the baby. The overwhelming best gift a Mother could get. That is SO precious. Thank you. Bravo to the scientists/technology who can do these incredible and life changing miracles.

Oh that is such a moving film,l did see it on Facebook and it brings tears to my eyes Rimmy.Yes we do have so much to be thankful for ,l think that we are really well looked after by our health service ,and new technologies like this will make so much differerence to this little ones life.

Happy Christmas Rimmy to you and your loved ones,and may your new year be a lovely one xx.

Rimmy in reply to Grants148

Many thanks Grants !!

Thanks Rimmy

What a sweet moving film. A life changer for that family. ❤️

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