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Hello Everyone

I am not one to 'spruik' 'cures' for anything - as we know this can be a dangerous and complex thing to do - in a world where even the best scientists and philosophers still struggle to understand this intricate universe of all things. We are however living in times - like all those so far shared by humanity - when the world can seem like a rather cruel, despairing or indifferent place - and these feelings can be exacerbated by just not being 'well' - in many senses of the word. I won't go on - I'm sure you get the gist - but as I watched this (one of numerous) short film from Colette O'Neill at her marvellous Bealtaine Cottage in West Ireland (which I'm sure many of you must already have heard of) - I thought about all of us here and how we can feel when things get tough. Colette is an inspirational person without a doubt and after 14 years ago buying a derelict cottage on 3 acres of overgrazed weedy paddock she transformed (in conjunction with 'Mother Earth' she would say) the land into something utterly wonderful. I am personally rather 'addicted' to her regular videos and writings and I am sure many of you would also find her soothing and sensitive commentaries very inspiring, engaging and relaxing - a real 'antidote' !!

Anyway here is a link to a wee sample of the world of Colette and Bealtaine Cottage :

Best wishes to you all


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Rimmy what a gift you have sent us. I have not only listened, watched and loved but I have forwarded to all my loved ones. Thank you so very much. Wonderful. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rimmy in reply to Daisychain12

So pleased you enjoyed it Linda - and if you want to watch more about Colette's wonderful garden she has a website about 'Bealtaine Cottage' and lots of videos about it on youtube - all of which are great to watch and filled with inspirational things !!


Daisychain12 in reply to Rimmy

Yes I have found it Rimmy. It’s soooo gorgeous. Thank you xxx

Thanks Rimmy, so inspiring on a drizzling November morning

Makes me. Wanting to step out and plant even more. Take care.

Absolutely beautiful! What a beautiful place and a lovely, gentle person. Didn't want it to end. Just what we need to bring peace, joy, hope and love into our lives.

Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏🏻🌞💖

Thank you Rimmy,l shall make sure l watch her n you tube.l shall miss going out into my garden during the winter months and these wonderful videos will definitely brighten my day.l did record a blackbird singing in my garden during the summer,so that l could watch and listen on dull winter days .l love the birdsong and lovely dog on Colette’s video,this lady has a beautiful soul .Thanks again Rimmy xxx.

Rimmy in reply to Grants148

That's good to hear - I was thinking many people who don't know about her and love all things about nature and gardening - would enjoy this and the numerous similar videos over many years all of which tell the fantastic 'story' of her creation of Bealtaine Cottage gardens nearly all by herself !! And yes 'Jack' her dog is so much adored by her - you can tell - a real delight as is her cat 'Sammy Bear' who she is currently nursing after an illness.

Thank you for sharing this. I follow her on Facebook but have never watched a video before

Yes the videos are wonderful as is her website !

Thanks for the link , I will use the little films through the cold , dark winter to brighten up my day.

Wondered wether you may find this link to the sand portraits of soldiers , like Wifrid Owen and others, created around the UK coast for Rememberance Day inspiring too, I know I did , amazing temporary artworks in themselves but with great poignancy in our commemoration .

Take care

Rimmy in reply to Blearyeyed

Thanks for that Blearyeyed - Colette will certainly brighten up your day and so many videos to choose from - and thanks for the wonderful pages of the sea !

Thank you Rimmy - I found it very soothing and tranquil - particularly as it reminded me of my grandparents cottage and garden from when I was a child. Lovely.

Rimmy in reply to Telian

I'm pleased you enjoyed it - 'tranquil' is the word - something not readily available generally on the Net - I'm sure you'd agree !

Best wishes


Absolutely, something we need more of for our well being - it’s given me a much needed inner calm. Thank you once again.

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