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Just a lot scared

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I don't know who posted a Just scared. But I am a lot scared at the moment. Where do I start. Sorry Melissa . I don't have an appropriate picture for you. Wish I did. Anyway I have an offer on my home tomorrow. I am sad and happy and down and up. Does that make sense. A bit like Pred . You old timers with this will know what I mean 😣So CAN I DO THIS. I am so stressed to leave my home and also my Daddy athe 93 is in hospital in Scotland. So feeling down because I'm not there. And every thing. Just feeling down. Sorry. Too much. Uncle MB. Can I come and stay in your Mansion and cuddle Tedski and take your Merc for a drive. TedskI would love it. A bit of wind in his or hers hair. 😊😊

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Of course you're scared this would be hard even if you were not alone. You're being cast away from all of your usual safe places and on the good ship PMR! I think you are very brave but I think you may be safer alone than with that dodgy teddy, he looked very shifty.

Wishing you all the best!

Bless you

You can and will do this

Just try to be organised do you have a place to go?

Its never to early to start packing even if you just do a bit at a time

Admittedly it was 13 years ago I did this after a divorce on my own and pre PMR

I can promise you its the best thing I did

I moved from a detached house we designed and built and had everything new when we moved in.

Now in a terrace house that I adore

I only was looking around last night thinking how much I love my house moving was the best thing I did .

Just think how proud you will be once you have done it .

A house is only a house the happy memoir's you can take with you the sad ones you can leave behind .

Sending prayers for both you and your Dad

Big hugs as well


Hi Morrison

Sorry you’re feeling like this, so much going on & sorry to hear about Daddy hope it’s nothing too serious.

Have you decided where you’re moving to yet? I started packing way, way in advance of our move & as you know we’ve been in a Rental House before we arrived at The House, however l’ve had the help of MrE

What are your plans & when do you have to move out by?

Hope you feel better soon 🌺

Angela xx

Ahhhh, sorry I can't post a photo here.... will this help?

👹 It kind of resembles me on a good day! I am so sorry you are leaving your home, that's a tough one. But try to look at it as an adventure! Maybe a whole new world opens up for you! New people, places, things, experiences.... it could be great fun! You have no control over what happens to your Dad.... he is on his own path and (until you can get there) all you can do is send love and healing energy his way. He journey will take him where it takes him.... get yourself sorted and then go be with your Dad. Much love.

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"A house is a machine for living in" - just like a car is a machine for driving in. A home is not a place it is a feeling - and you will create that somewhere else, your own personal one. You CAN do it.

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HeronNS in reply to PMRpro

Nice one. I've been thinking my home (which my son will own on Wednesday so technically for two days before our condo purchase goes through we'll be homeless) is like a skin, but maybe it's more like a suit of clothes. But a comfortable, familiar garment.

in reply to PMRpro

I like that! We place way too much value and emotional emphasis on these "walls" in which we dwell.... it's just a "machine for living." All of our memories come with us when we leave...

Hi Morrison,it is always hard to leave a place that you know and love so well for somewhere new and unknown,you are bound to miss the familiar surroundings and people you know well.l am sure that you will soon find new friends and also you have your new home to make into your own special place. There are always activities and clubs for our age group that you may like to join,l find my local WI is very enjoyable and they were so supportive when my husband passed away. It just depends on whatever you are interested in doing.Uncle MarkB has recently moved house and now seems very settled with his pal Tedski,who so far has not absconded with the limo.l am sure that they could both give you some helpful advice having moved to a new place.l hope that your father will be alright,you obviously must worry about him ,l hope that it won’t be too difficult for you to visit him.Last week l visited the house l grew up in,only to look at it from the outside,so many lovely childhood memories there,you will have lovely memories of your old home to cherish,then you must make new ones in your new one Best wishes and hoping it will not be too long before you are happily settled in your new surroundings xx

I am sorry that you are feeling frightened. No wonder, leaving your home for the unknown is huge! Then you have the worry of your dad. You must feel like there is nothing stable to hang on to. I am glad that your humour hasn’t deserted you. Sending my prayers for a happy outcome all round. You can do it! X

Aw - best of luck with it all - of course your emotional - and don't panic because you feel sad - its VERY normal! It will pass when you're settled into your new place. Very best of luck in your new home!

So sorry that you feel so sad and moving is a little like stepping out of your comfort zone and with the added emotions often caused by PMR/GCA and medication that sometimes muddies the water as well. But like what a lot have expressed here- a house is just a house- it's you that makes it a home. We moved last week- to a different area with so many unknowns really and I love it! Found a couple of days really hard in the move and like others started to plan way in advance but also got folk in to pack. Still lots to do but now feel that I can do it at my own pace. Also must be sad to think about your dad and his circumstances but if you make the right move then you can still work out something that's going to work out well for both of you. Try to curb the fear, it's just trying to anticipate the unknown and those feelings can overwhelm us. Try to just take just one day at a time and not "visualise " all that could go wrong or could be a problem- so often it isn't. Very best wishes for the decisions you need to take- one day at a time!

It's a natural reaction to have these emotions without being on steroids too! you will get through it. Once the emotion of selling eases make plans to pack and move and occupy yourself positively - make sure you include going to see your Daddy in your plans and you can then move forward.... xx

Just checking in to see how you are doing. Hope things are going smoothly. House moves are so challenging, on many levels.


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