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Inflammatory Arthritis


I was diagnosed with GCA 4 years ago in May 14. I have been steadily reducing the steroids and came off them altogether in April 2018. In February, on a holiday in Finland my right hand became very painful and swelled up alot. I went to the Doctor there and he thought I had an infection in my hand from a very small scratch. He prescribed antibiotics which helped with the swelling but not with the pain. It swelled up again when I got home and my GP prescribed Naproxin and arranged for a blood test. My CRP was then 122. My left hand also swelled up but to a lesser extent.

I have since seen my Rheumatologist who thinks it is an inflammatory arthritis linked to having GCA and suggests that I now go on Methotrexate. He says he has another patient who started with the arthritis and then went on to develop GCA. Has anyone else had this happen to them and if so what treatment did they have?

Many thanks.

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I know someone who was thought to have PMR and later had all the signs of GCA - but the actual diagnosis was ankylosing spondylitis. The neck problems can reduce the blood flow to the jaw area and lead to jaw and tongue claudication etc etc. Once the night time back pain flicked a light bulb on and it was confirmed with MRI, she was switched to one of the anti-TNF drugs and that is the last I heard so I assume she is well. Naproxen helped the AS pain - and anti-TNF drugs don't seem to work in PMR. But prior to that - typical PMR and then GCA.

Was the GCA confirmed with a biopsy? And in the other case too? If not - maybe it was the inflammatory arthritis affecting the blood low????????

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Interesting thought but GCA was confirmed. Thanks for your response.

Intrigued by your pen name, Wengen! We are regular visitors. 😊😊

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We used to go skiing in Wengen and loved it there!

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