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Anti Inflammatory Diet


Has anyone tried an anti inflammatory diet? Dr Mark Hyman has written a number of books concerning auto immune diseases and diet. I have PMR and possibly GCA and have been tapering from 30 mg and now I am down to 15mg. I have had a lot of stiffness and fatigue, so I am interested to see how the diet effects me. I plan on starting on the seven day cleanse on Wed Aug 13. I will try and post everyday, to keep me on track, and to let everyone know how I feel.


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I think most of us with long-term chronic conditions have gone down this route, certainly I did. Did it help me? No, not in the slightest, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try - what works for some won't for others because the effect of these conditions is so individual.

Good luck!

CelticPMRGCAuk volunteer

Smarti,I didn't follow any specific anti-inflammatory diet as such but researched anti-inflammatory foods and pro-inflammatory foods shortly following diagnosis - if nothing else, it helped me to feel that I was getting some sort of control back over my life. I ate as many of the known anti-inflammatory foods in my diet as I could and I am certain that some, if not all, of it helped - for instance, if I veered off my 3 x helpings a week of oily fish for any length of time, I would notice returning stiffness and discomfort.

Smarti99 in reply to Celtic

Hi Celtic

I agree, if nothing else I feel like I am gaining some control. I am very tired and sore today, but I am putting together a grocery list, so i can start on Wed. I will let you know how it goes.


Like many others I have become terribly aware of what I eat. I have tried to cut out simple carbs and gluten as I heard that that could stop moon face etc. In fact it does seem to have worked so far, but I may just be lucky. I also try and concentrate on anti inflammatory foods, also ones with potassium, calcium, etc etc etc. I am a real food bore. I am not sure if it works or not as I don't know what would have happened if I had just carried on as normal. I have pretty well given up alcohol, but I have noticed that if I have a drink it really cheers me up.

Smarti99 in reply to piglette

Hi Piglette. Alcohol will be the big challenge as I love my wine. More so with this condition. I will give it a go and let you know how it goes

Cheers, Smarti99

piglette in reply to Smarti99

I love wine, cognac, cocktails .... On the other hand drinking less does mean that I appreciate it more and I have been saving a fortune, so I can just about afford a bottle of manuka honey!

Just wanted to wish you luck,look forward to reading how you are getting on.

Best wishes.

Hi smarti99,I did change diet a little and it helped me no end also try spoonful of honey every morning got to be active UMF Manuka+ 5,or more if you can afford,the plus 5 is £20 at Holland&Barrett,do some research on the food front and I think you will find it beneficial,good luck let us all know how you get on,Anne kind regards to all.

When I was diagnosed with GCA in April a consultant friend who has lupus and uses steroids in her speciality says you have no chance at 120 mgs at keeping weight off but the doses we need can be managed with a strict low carb diet. I also asked my consultant what I could do to give myself the best chance and she said a healthy diet and exercise.

So following a mainly oily fish and raw vegetables with beet root as a treat, fruit, yoghurt and porridge I have lost 10 kilos. My face has not changed and I am now tapering slowly. I drink water and some tea. I will drink alcohol very occasionally but then not much. I do not eat tomatoes as I believe there is evidence that they are inflammatory.

On the down side I am growing gills from the fish and long floppy ears from all the rabbit food also have just had to buy more jeans and trousers as they are too big.

It seems to be working for me and I feel this is one aspect of my life which I can control.

Good luck and best wishes

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Smarti99 in reply to Hidden

It is an anti inflammatory diet, not a cleanse. Really don't appreciate being told NOT to post something, that could benefit someone else, unless you are a moderator

Do keep up a dialogue. I am very keen to hear how you get on. I try and keep to the anti inflammatory foods as much as possible and do feel better when I am fairly strict ! I can lose weight eating this way too - in spite of the steroids. Nearly always have a glass of wine in the evening though.... Just a little treat. Also when we go out to friends/ relatives to eat, I usually eat what is offered....making discreet healthy choices when possible. No reason to be a food bore - !

EdithWales in reply to suzieh

That's me too. It's bad enough having this vile illness without making ourselves even more miserable. I went out for dinner last night, two glasses of champagne and a glass of wine and out to lunch today. But then it's back on the grass for the next couple of weeks. The very least it's doing is keeping the weight off.

Looking forward to hearing about the progress.

Best wishes to everyone.

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Smarti99 in reply to Hidden

Sorry, I read the message too quickly, I blame it on the prednisone :-)

Day One - 10 Day Detox for anti-inflammatory diet

Breakfast - Dr Hyman Whole Food Protein Shake - not very tasty, but got it down

Lunch - salad of yellow peppers, cauliflower, carrots, romaine lettuce and sunflower seeds, four oz of salmon. Dressing of olive oil and lemon - not bad, but my jaw gets sore from chewing all the raw veg

Snack - green tea, hummus and carrots sticks

Dinner - sautéed broccoli, spinach, kale, pumpkin seeds and two organic chicken drumsticks (first time in four years I have eaten chicken)

Evening - lovely warm bath with Epsom salts, baking soda and lavender oil

Had some stiffness during the day, but more energy in the afternoon than usual. Had a headache, but figured it was from caffiene withdrawal. My neck and sholders give me the most pain, and I use a magic bag and a heating pad. They will be my best indicator for improvement. I slept like a rock for about nine hours, and only got up once for the bathroom

On to Day Two, Smarti99

Day Two of detox

Breakfast is the same protein shake. This time I skipped the lemon peel and added cinnamon and a whole cup of almond milk rather than half water - not great, but better

Lunch - tasty green salad with balsamic vinegrette and two hard boiled eggs

Dinner - sole and vegie stir fry

I had a killer headache all day and was really achy and tired. Can't tell if this is from the detox, or PMR. Drinking lots of green tea and eating carrots and hummus. Not wine and cheese, but a small sacrifice if this works

Day Three will be a challenge as I am going out shopping and to have lunch with the ladies. Just stick with a big salad and don't go near the bakery!!

I am trying this anti inflam. Diet too. Not looking for early success, but enjoying the food so far and do not get hungry. Digestion has definitely improved.

Smarti99. How's the anti-inflam diet working? I'm interested in your experience.

I am on an anti-inflammatory diet for the last year and it has helped me greatly, also take omega xl been off the pred. for a year now, get some stiffness in the morning, but at 74 guess that is to be expected

Aprilrain 24

Eliminated night shades, taking tumeric, magnesium, no alcohol. Have cravings for oatmeal and grits with nuts and berries. No clue if diet helps. Inflammation comes and goes re. intensity. Food choices make me feel like I’m doing something in the healing process. Just gained 2 pounds, not sure why. Maybe it’s the one square of 72% dark chocolate every night with 3 grams of sugar!

Let us now what you think works.

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