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Inflammatory Arthritis, with PMR/GCA


Well, I did something that was stupid. I vacuumed and mopped my entire 2nd floor last Saturday. I moved furniture. I tried to store a large item under the bed, and when it got stuck I tugged real hard to get it back out. Later that evening I developed level 10 paint, blood pressure shot up, and went to emergency room.

I had hyper extended my shoulder. Saw my primary doc the next day. She did x-rays. I have inflammatory arthritis in shoulders, a sprained shoulder, and a torn tendon in my thumb/wrist. I see the hand specialist on Tuesday.

Has anyone else had this happen, or anything similar? My primary scolded me and told me I had inflammatory arthritis and had no business doing that much work.

I had just started on Anoro Ellipta for chronic bronchitis. I had been short of breath for 15 years before this new group of doctors I am seeing took it seriously and did a ct scan of chest. I have chronic bronchitis in left lung with 68 percent lung capacity. I never smoked cigarettes. Anybody else have these issues. I felt so good being able to breathe on the Anoro I decided to clean 2nd floor. I guess I just got ahead of myself, Sigh!

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You can't just dive into doing a day's cleaning after not doing things for a long time - applies to anything, exercise or housework,

Little steps - with everything.

But if they have found inflammatory arthritis in your shoulders - might this mean it isn't PMR after all?

phebamom in reply to PMRpro

Actually I have PMR/ GCA, the inflammatory arthritis took me by surprise, as it is a new diagnosis on top of the former. It is believed I may have multiple inflammatory disorders. I know, I was a dummy, but learned my lesson, sigh!

PMRproAmbassador in reply to phebamom

Did you have GCA too then?

phebamom in reply to PMRpro

I have Polymyalgia Rheumatica, Giant Cell Arteritis, and inflammatory arthritis. I am 64 years pf age, 5,9. 170#. I have been on prednisone for 9 years. current dose 10mg. Actemra twice a month, Losartan for blood pressure 100mg. Pepcid AC 10 mg. with the prednisone. I was prescribed Anora Ellipta inhaler for mild chronic bronchitis. I was on 2n day of taking it. It made all muscles in body feel like I was being punched. I stopped taking and the pain went away. I am wondering if the inhaler may have had an effect on muscles that contributed to this event. Inhaler was overkill as bronchitis is mild, and the inhaler made me choke and cough. I had no cough before starting the inhaler.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to phebamom

Sounds about right!!! Throw drugs at it. OH is currently using a nebuliser with saline - works as well as the puffers!

I'm not going to scold you , you know what you did wrong and are beating yourself up enough as it is.

Let's just say lesson learnt and move on.

Look up your conditions on good charity / support websites , including the after care advice for temporary things like torn tendons.

See what things you should avoid , and what you can do once you have recovered from your injuries.

It must feel like everything is hitting you all at once , but it's not unheard of for people to suffer from Arthritis or Osteoarthritis or recurrent joint issues and end up with PMR as well , or vice versa.

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to recover from the injuries and don't forget to remind your Doctor's dealing with your hand injury that you are on steroids in case they need to take any special measures for your treatment , plus they need to acknowledge that the drug may cause you to need more time for the injury to recover.

After you are over the worst , remember the tips on pacing yourself and being patient with your body as you move forward into the " New Normal".

Don't forget , you are still " You" , "You" haven't changed as a great , strong individual ,, its just the things that you might be able to do that have .

Accepting the changes you need to do in activities and adapting your lifestyle to fit in with your physical needs and mental joys is what will really help along the way.

Take care and try not to push it.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Blearyeyed

Talk about getting into hot water ...

Blearyeyed in reply to PMRpro


I really hate Autocorrect ! Well spotted!


Oh my you must have gotten quite a rush of energy to do all that.

So sorry to hear you have had more issues.

Take it slower next time do 1 thing at a time then sit n plan your next move for the following day...😲

Been there did that, meaning over doing, then suffering terrible! It just feels so good to really get in there, NOoooooooooo! Feel better soon😎

hi, I know exactly why you did so much, it's as though something comes over you and you can't rest until you have done it, even though you know how you will feel later on.

I have had inflammatory arthritis for quite a few years now, I take hydroxychloroquine for it, part of the DMARD medication for inflammation.

hope your pain settles soon, take care x

It is just so difficult not to do chores that build up to gigantic proportions when left unattended . I do understand why you did it but really sorry for the damage done.I have learnt a lesson from your experience.Hope it all gets better for you soon x

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