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Using Naproxen

Morning everyone, I have not been on this site for some time but even though I am managing to reduce my medication I still have bad days. Yesterday I woke up and every part of my body seemed to hurt. I am getting over rotator cuff surgery and I need a knee replacement but yesterday was a bad day. I think it may be because I had stopped taking Naproxen. So yesterday I took 6 tablets (250mg) and I feel so much better today. I plan to just take one in the morning and one in the evening going forwards. I am currently on alternate days of prednisolone of 3/4mg currently.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Mixing NSAIDs and pred is not recommended - both can cause gastric irritation, both together increase the risk. But you are on a lowish dose of pred (I assume you mean one day 3, one day 4mg alternating?). Just be aware.

Your pain is presumably not PMR though - Naproxen rarely helps it. It does help in ankylosing spondylits - and they are quite often confused.

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Hi PMRpro thanks for your response today. My rheumatologist advised me to use them and whenever I get an increase in inflammation (checked by a blood test) she has always advised me not to increase the steroids but use naproxen to manage the inflammation.

Yes I am currently on one day 3, one day 4mg alternating but will be dropping to 3/2mg from tomorrow. I take Ranitidine (150mg) once in the morning and once in the evening to help with gastric irritation.


Does it work?

Personally I'd rather have 1 or 2mg more of pred than use NSAIDs - but I am forbidden to take them as I am on anticoagulant therapy.


Hi PMRMiltonkeynes, my GP suggested I use Naproxen too. In my case it was for sciatica. However when I pointed out contra indication with pred she back tracked like mad and agreed she was wrong. If you are trying to get your PMR under control pred is really the only thing that works. Your rheumie should be aware of that although it seems a lot of them are very naive when it comes to PMR.


OK I will raise this with them. Thank you!


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