down to 25mg and ok-ish

down to 25mg and ok-ish

Morning all, thought I would blog while I am waiting my half hour after taking the Alendrol Acid.

From Thursday I reduced to 25mg of pred and so far not doing to bad. Friday night was worse, I even had to wake hubby at 3am to push me out of bed so could go the loo. Then he had to help me out of bed at 6.30am. I was quick to have my meds and took a naproxen also which helped tremendously.

I didn't do to much though, only the ironing. By the end of it my knees were painful but neck and everywhere else was good.

I decided that as the naproxen helped in the morning yesterday I would have one before bed to see if it helped me sleep by keeping the pain at bay, and it did :)

So up at 6.30am with no probs getting out of bed and having the morning meds on empty tummy.

The one problem I am having is my diabetes. My blood sugars are all over the place and even showing in my urine. Got to ring my doc on Weds to chat about my next pred reduction so will mention it again to him. I am in double figures most of the day which is not good.

Hopefully in 3 weeks when I get my new puppy I will get out a bit more so the exercise will help. Here is a pic of my new puppy taken yesterday at 7 weeks old. Just for you all to cue over :)

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  • Aah - lucky you Sue.....and lucky puppy to be coming to such a loving home. Is he/she a golden retriever. If so, I'm really envious - we've had two and they were delightful. I bet there's lots of excitement in your household.

  • He is a white long haired german shepherd, is name is Harley. The breeder keeps sending us updates which is fab as he is 100 miles away. We won't be having him til 8th Sept at 10 weeks as we are going away for a short break 3rd to 7th. But yes all excited he is beautiful.

  • Hi Sue,

    What a lovely pup. I really feal jealous, but I can't have a pup because of my giant rabbit, Lewis. He would be so upset by a new kid on the block. We had to have him neutered because he kept attacking my partner. The reason was he wanted me to himself. He was the boss. He calmed down after the op, and now he is much more docile.

    The frequent visits to the loo is quite normal on high pred. Don't worry. It will get better.

    Hope your doc sorts you out.

    Best wishes, Pats.

  • Thanks Pats. Was doing well til this morning. Neck, shoulders and both arms are really painful, I struggled to brush my teeth let alone comb my hair. I am resting my arms on the desk to type this. dunno if to call the doc or ride it out. I really don't want to be on this high dose of pred. On the plus side though my period is late so I am crossing my fingers that it stays away LOL I know it can be a side effect of the pred also.

  • A gorgeous puppy Sue, and a smiling opening to the day on my favourite website. I have just carried my miniature dachshund out to and in from his morning loo stop as he can't negotiate the garden steps. He became blind 4 months ago, and I watched him become depressed and disorientated and hey presto - recover his spirits! Now - almost - the same cheeky loving little dog he always has been. I've had a lifetime of dachshunds (my parents started this when I was 8), with one glorious golden retriever in the middle when my own kids were young. Animals have the instinct to console and I wonder if your PMR pain will be that little bit less with your lovely dog tuning in to you. I could almost bet on it. Good luck with him/her. And what a larf about Lewis the rabbit being aggressive and possessive - that's something new! Hope you both have a good day.

  • Yes I giggled at the rabbit. We have always had german shepherds with one golden retriever in between also. We ahve also always only had one dog at a time so this will be new to us as we already have Millie our 3yrs 3mth old german shepherd.

    I hope you are right about the PMR when we have the pup we can but hope and keep smiling :)

  • Hi Sue, what a gorgeous puppy! We have 2 rescue dogs & I think they keep me sane.

    Couple of thoughts - do you take your preds on an empty stomach or is it other meds that need to be taken on empty tummy? Preds should always be taken with food.

    Also, it is unusual to be prescribed naproxen (or any other 'nsaid' drug) whilst taking steroids because of the risk of irriating your tummy. The very odd one probably wouldn't hurt, but taking regularly can be a bit risky. Maybe you were prescribed them pre PMR & steroids? I cant take any of the 'nsaid' drugs, as 2 days of prescibed Ibuprofen caused a gastric bleed.


  • Hi Meggies.

    Yes I take the pred with food along with my metformin for diabetes. first thing on getting up i take lansoprazole which is to prevent stomach ulcers and have to have that on empty tummy and wait half hour before my cuppa. They said no to ibruprofen cos of pred and diabetes and gave me the naproxen after the pred hence the lansoprazole. I also have Alendronic acid once a week and calceos twice daily.

    Today I have actually got back into to bed until the naproxen kicked in, never had to do that before.

  • Hi Sue,

    Almost always, when I drop the pred, I get a flare in my symptoms and I take one dose of ibuprofen for a few days to see me through. It does the trick. I can't take anything with paracetamol in as it makes me feel aweful. Your recent drop has prob thrown your body out of kilter. Try if you can to take things easy until you pick up again. I know it's easier said than done especially for you with a large family, and I'm a fine one to talk as I overdo it as soon as I feel well. Then I get a good telling off from my partner.

    We went to Exmouth yesterday and it was so lovely. A beautiful sunny day, really warm and packed with holiday makers. Lots of dogs having fun on the beach. I love watching them. Not one white german shepherd though. I guess they must be quite rare.


  • arrggh so it could be the drop in pred? will carry on with the naproxen for a couple of days then. I have had no choice but to take it easy today the pain was awful, even my legs and feet..

    We are going to Sherwood castle for a few days break in 2 weeks but we are taking my mums wheelchair just in case I have a bad day so can still go out.

    Yes White GSD are not as common as blk & tan ones or even sable ones. we are travelling 100 miles to get him each way. Me and hubby will stay over at a premier inn the night before we collect him.

  • WOW just had my crp result and I am down to 14 from 24 Fantastic

  • Hi Sue,

    So glad your results are good. Enjoy your hols. Today I got up and my joints are really painful. Ibuprofen to the rescue. The bedroom window was open last night and I think I got really chilled. My elbows are the worst and my left hand is half numb. We had a big fat curry for dinner tonight. Curry is a good anti inflammitory. I made it myself. I think it does help to eat foods that have the power to reduce inflammation.

    Have a good rest and enjoy!


  • I have got really painful Knees the left being the worse. I am scared that they will give way under me.

    I don't like curry but will google foods that are good for us.

    Cos of the pred my sugar is high and my meds for the diabetes have been increased. We sort one thing and get another we an't win can we.

    Hope you feel better after the pain killers so rest up today :)

    And keep smiling :)

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