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New Rhuemetologist

Well it was as expected mostly with one twist... I have a standing order to have my lab work done weekly if I feel I need it. I like that....

Went from 20 to 17.5 and my crp went down even with a bout of plantar fasciitis.

Since I am having kidney issues he really wants me off prednisone asap.

Well so do I. The weekly lab does give me some comfort. But being told to get a kidney ultra sound because those labs say I am stage 3 kidney failure did undo me a bit. no one has told me what that entails or means. I will know more this week or next.

I told my friends if one more thing happens I will throw myself off my balcony. They sai "oh no you don't because it won't kill you just break bones and then we would have to take care of you." They always know how to make me laugh.

I feel so blessed as there is a group of 9 ladies and we do take care of each other it is really wonderful. Living in a community like this is so nice because there is always someone looking to plays a game or cards. Never bored here for sure.

So finally I actually feel pretty good. Still get the niggling of head ache in the same right side and my shoulders feel arthritic....

oh my new cardiologist said my heart is great.... she wanted to know why I was sent to her. I told her my GP freaked out with my ER visit and we both laughed.

So one part is back to normal.

This week I am on 15 plus 1/2 of a 2.5 which is 16 something

Merry Christmas to all you wonderful forum friends.

God bless


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It’s good to hear you managing to be upbeat in spite of your latest worrying health news. Your home situation sounds really great.

Merry Christmas to you too. May you move from strength to strength in the new year. X


Can only reiterate sj's comments.


I was diagnosed stage 3 CKD in January 2015. No one seems to worry too much about it and they have not mentioned me trying to reduce the pred. They just look at my blood tests every so often.

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I can not find my old journal so from memory I have been on Prednisone since October or so of 2015. First for PMR then upped dose to 50 mgs for GCA.

Since then I have developed Cushing syndrome, tinnitus when I bite down or rub my scalp. Still have partial moon face.sleep apnea due to weight gain.. some cardiac issues that are managed with metoprolol... and now kidney issues.

Other than that Like I said I feel pretty good. I don't seem to flare with PMR but do for GCA. Today I have r side jaw pain with chewing... will do labs tomorrow and see what is going on....

I am on my second reduction for this month so will stay on it for an additional week. It would be nice to get down to 10 mgs but I don't think I will be decreasing as fast as my new Rhuemetologist wants. We will have to let the labs decide...


I was referred to a nephrologist about 3/4 years ago. She said my kidneys were functioning at 33%, i.o. 90. I don't recall if she thought it was the Pred. Never heard anything more, so I guess it's ok. I do have bloods done, from time to time.

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Sorry to hear about the kidney issues Linda, but good to hear you're actually feeling pretty good!! It's nice to hear you're settled with friends where you are now. A Happy Christmas to you too.

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Out of interest Lin - what is your eGFR figure? And is the panic on the part of your GP again or a non-renal specialist rheumy?


My eGFR is 59. The doctor who freaked out was a substitute for my GP. I went in because they said it was urgent because of some hepatitis test which told them I need a vaccine.

I never did get that vaccine as my kidneys became her focus.

I really hate going in and getting anyone who is available when my doc isn't. It gets everyone including me into a spin.


Silly woman (no, not you!).


You will see that 59 is the top end of the Stage 3 range - if it had been 60 it would have been Stage 2 which most people of our age probably have got to.

Tiny things will afffect the eGFR - it is worked out using other blood test results and isn't an accurate or "real" figure. If you were dehydrated, or if you had had a big steak the night before - you could apparently have a lower eGFR because it is a reflection of the protein in your blood and the protein in your urine. (Haven't time to explain better just now).

The test was originally developed and added to lab results to see it if was possible to screen for renal problems just generally. Renal specialists had a fit when it was decided it should be quoted on every lab result where it had been calculated - because those who didn't understand it would do as your doctor did - assume the patient had renal disease when it is just part of normal aging. It should be checked regularly - and if it continued to fall they would investigate further. But without other signs of trouble such as blood in urine and so on it is a figure - nothing more, nothing less.


Thanks once again PMRpro you have settled my nerves. It is so nice to have you here.👍😇😺🎶


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