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What a night !

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What a day yesterday ,Hubby in hospital with agonizing pain ,2 am ,By 3 in the afternoon ,after endless tests and waits for results ,scans ,cat scan, x rays blood tests constant monitering of blood pressure which is normally high .now low ?. We had diagnosis Kidney problems,Fluid backed up into kidneys Diverticulosis ,ruptured bowel and his already weak heart suffering the strain . What a night . They are intraveneously filling him with anti biotics and I am having to get bolshie with him when I really feel so sorry for him .Oh well needs must . .Why because they said probably surgery .He says no .Men !!! Slap !!! Hopefully today we know what is going to happen .This site has been so informative for me so I am off the the other sites and hope I can get info that is as real as this one . The hospital staff were brilliant it just took time between each test to wait for results .

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Patricia, I will be praying for you both. So very sorry he is doing poorly.

So sorry to hear this Patricia. Wishing him a swift recovery.

Oh my, what a nightmare. Good luck with the ‘slapping’.

It has to be done ha ha ha he won't listen .

Nightmare indeed! Time has a diffefent meaning when waiting in hospital you must be totally drained. Remember to take care of yourself too. All best wishes to you both.

Oh Bless Patricia, your poor hubby & they make such reluctant patients.

Mind you keep up to date with your Pred, maybe even a little extra today as you’ve been up so long with little sleep.

Take Care of You then you can take care of himself.


MrsN 🌺

Oh dear, horrible situation....I hope he gets well soon, but can empathise with your situation with wanting to slap your husband.....mine hasn't been to the doctor's for 35 years!......he has no concept of suffering and has already said he would refuse any treatment!....Good luck

He was ill the other week and I suspect this was the rumblings of what has happened now they leave you worried about them and guilty for getting annoyed with them . Ha oh well he had his own way and now look . ;-(

Exactly...his choice...you are doing what you can....so keep an eye on yourself we all know what stress can do..........Keep us posted, we all understand on here...

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So sorry to hear about hubby, but as Angela says you must still remember to look after yourself - not easy I know from experience!

Best wishes to both of you. 💐

Hi Patricia. Hope hubby's treatment goes well and things improve quickly for him. Please ensure your needs are prioritised, since no good will be gained if you forget to take care of yourself!!!

Wishing you both well.

Ohhhhhh patriciawhite, I am so sorry you and your OH are having to go through this! You did make me laugh though; "...he says no. Men! Slap !!!" Hahahahahaha So true!

I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers and hope that everything goes well.

Thinking of you both patriciawhite and praying for a good outcome. Take care!

Sorry you are having such problems, especially the “he says no. Men! Slap!” variety. Please don’t forget to take care of yourself. Thoughts and prayers for you both.

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All the best.

Mine is getting a bit better about admitting he isn't well. But we might not be where we are if he'd been more proactive about his health in the past.

Thanks for all the supportive comments ,Every one is so nice here .

Will be thinking of you both and hoping he is better soon!.

So sorry for your troubles, hope end results prove to be well worth it! Trials and tribulations good luck to you and your husband I will be saying a little prayer for you both.

So sorry that your husband I so poorly,l hope and pray that he will make a good recovery xx.

Men are a pain aren't they! I know exactly why you want to give him a good slap -- just do it when nobody is looking!!! My OH is at last beginning to listen and take note - and take his health a bit more seriously, if only he'd done it earlier, but life is full of "should'ves!" Keep your strength up and through all of it look after yourself!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery

Take care yourself as well

How is your Husband doing? Just checking in.

He is looking less frightened and at last has had something to eat. They had him nil by mouth for days . His bed looks out of a window onto subway hahaha KARMA I was expecting to see the window looking like our French windows when the dogs been licking them. He did say he felt like that lol. Thank you so much for asking He is a lot better but still has a way to go.

So glad he's doing better. Take care of yourself, the last thing you need is to have a flare and we all know what stress can do. Sending you both prayers and soft hugs! Try and get as much sleep as you can.

What a nightmare! Good luck with the slapping and very best wishes for his recovery

Patricia darling so horrible for you both to have this experience!! How I’ll he must feel. You are being very brave and that is hard sometimes. Much love and empathy darling. Pls update us ASAP. Linda xxx

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