Something New!!!

Something New!!!

Hi all.. pic is my cat in her backpack she loves it and even goes driving. she keeps me sane..

2 days ago I felt a soft bulge on top of my shoulder.. right between neck n clavicle bone..

It doesn't hurt but wondering as I believe this is where a lymph node lives.. just not sure.

dentist yesterday told me to see doc asap.. well in this day n age asap is about one month..🙀

any ideas..

oh I did 20 down to 17.5 on the dead slow n no flare so now will go to 15 on same plan..

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  • Yes, see your doctor as soon as possible. When I was in my mid 30's I discovered a swollen gland in my neck. All my doctor said as he sent me off for a biopsy was it could be any one of a hundred things, ninety-eight of which would be of no consequence. So best to put your mind at ease. Btw mine turned out to be sarcoidosis, totally non-symptomatic, although lately I learned it may actually be at the root of my chronic low iron stores, plus a high vitamin D level and bone thinning. So who knows? Hopefully your diagnosis will also turn out to be nothing or next to nothing. :)

  • Check out Cushing's Syndrome. I developed swellings around my neck, amongst other symptoms, after about three months on steroids for GCA/PMR back in 2013 and was sent off to an oncologist because if the proximity to the lymph glands.. I did some research online in the meantime and tracked it down to Cushing's Syndrome (not Cushing's disease). It is a rare hormonal condition caused by excessive intake of steroids causing cortisol levels to increase. This was later confirmed by the consultant.

  • Hehe - Cushing's syndrome is that rare amongst this particular community! Loads of us become Cushingoid unfortunately. :-(

    It isn't steroids making cortisol increase (they actually suppress the production of cortisol) but the artificial steroids are recognised by the body as being the same as excess cortisol and so the effect is the same as in Cushing's disease - just you know where the excess comes from, your tablet bottle. Once you get to lower doses it goes again for most people.

    My "Cushingoid" bits went even at 15mg - by cutting carbs out almost entirely so that the fat deposits that Cushing's leads to were used up. My collarbones disappeared entirely at one point due to the fat deposits due to the pred - but as I lost weight the contours of face and neck came back. Not perfect - but recognisably me.

  • Have no advice to offer just wanted to say how gorgeous your cat is. What is her name?

  • Her name is Nellie. I got her for my Valentine's Day present to myself. She is between 4-6 depending on which Vet you like. She is a talker and she chose me at the humane society. I told her I didn't want an all black cat but she persisted and I brought her home.

  • Love the cat. As you see by my name I am a cat person. I have three Persians . When I figure out how to post pics I send you some.

    I also have six Guinea pigs

    And run a boarding Cattery x😻

    Animals are the best stress relief


    Good luck with your appointment,

  • I agree animals are the best stress relief ever. !

  • They are most of the time, but mine is currently bringing me little wriggling presents at 3 in the morning, which I then have to get up to set free - Not sooo happy with that

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