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My husband is out of hospital now ,Diverticultis diagnosed ,Poor man ,His heart has now stopped panicking so we are just waiting for the follow up stuff . My eldest son has pneumonia ,his wife my daughter in law had gone to see about the results of her biopsy feeling all positive ,there and then was given a pre op for the next round of Lymph node exploration ,She has been told she has an aggressive cancer . I am heartbroken for her ,She however is hiding the tears behind comments of .Its going to be ok ,its not definate ,they just need to be sure ,I was on the front getting out of my car ( stiffly ) when concerned a neighbour danced across the road to say ''You look a bit stiff ,whats up . She really wanted to know what the ambulance was for (HUBBY ) last week so I told her . Ahhhh So what up with you sprained ankle is it ???? No its RA .not wanting to elaborate considering what every one else is going through left it at that .''Oh yeah you have that Rheumy thing dont you ,I know how you feel my knee plays me up a lot . '' She said grasping her knee . So how did your daughter in law get on ,I didn't even bother with that .Where there is no sense there is no feeling .She was lucky I was having a really bad day It rendered me incapable of grasping her throat . I think I will try to drive straight into the garage in future and get out un noticed under cover lol .

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They occupy another planet - ignore - move on. Take great care! That’s a hell of a lot of worries for one little person. 🌻

Oh she is definately on another planet .ha ha ,


You couldn't make it up could you? As SJ says - ignore them.

And virtual hugs being sent.

patriciawhite in reply to PMRpro

HA ha ha I do now . If I told her she was amazing she would be quite flattered ha ha ha Just about sums her up ,It must be nice in that little bubble lol Thanks for the hugs

What a lot to have to deal with all at the same time, sending you lots of good wishes and hugs. 🤗


Wow! I hate that "... I know just how you feel," BS. "No, no you have no idea how I feel!"

I'm so sorry it's all coming down on you at once... I hope things turn around soon. And hoe they are wrong about your daughter in law. xxx

patriciawhite in reply to Hidden

Thank you and yes we are all hoping for a good result. for her.

You do have a lot of worries which are really stressful,others just do not understand and are usually wrapped up in their own little world.l hope and pray that you and your family are given the strength to cope with so much.l and the others on this site care very much,we are always here to offer you our support,please take care ,and keep in touch.Sending you a big virtual hug xx

Oh dear, what a lot you are having to deal with just now. Add in a daft neighbour to the mix and scream! Sending virtual hugs to your and your family 💐

Sooty to hear of all the medical woes of your family. In supporting them, please be mindful of your own condition and stress levels. As for the neighbour, well we do encounter folks who just don’t get it, or they forget all together. Best to avoid them as you’ve planned.

Do take care and my thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time.

Yes she's one to avoid or just smile at and say sorry can't stop now! Very best wishes for all that's going on at this time. Xx


I would have told her where to go but I can be a bitch so that might not suit you. Maybe run her over with the car next time. She would have more to worry about then her sodding knee!! Sending love to you and your family at this really horrible time.x

A little late from me. What a pest and pain of a neighbor! I'm so sorry for all of your family woes and hope that there is a good outcome for your daughter-in-law. Take care of yourself.

I am so sorry you had such an encounter. A soothing word would have been so much better. So come to us all and vent and get some kindness. Many hugs to you and may your heart rest in hope today. ❤️

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