Good Morning all, I am in the dead slow reduction of prednisone having been on 20 mg for 2 years now down to 13 mg. I am experimenting with gabapentin and CBD oil as a secondary relief to inflammation I am also taking liquid turmeric in capsule form. So far not to bad but still a little sore in the legs and arms. Discussed with doctor and he agrees if I can get anything to work and get off prednisone it will be a good thing. He just read an article about the CBD oil and is very interested to see if it will work for me. Just sharing to see if anyone else has tried this. I have had a terrible time with the prednisone and now may need a hip replacement it is eating my bones.

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  • have been interested in this for a long time, but haven't tried it myself. Yes, please let us know if you think CBD oil helps. Btw, how did you make the bolded letter?

  • I don't know how it bolded that was an accident (sorry) so far it appears to take a little edge off the joint soreness, I spoke with the doctor and he is now watching this closely as it may help other patients. I am never not searching for a way to get of prednisone and I don't want to be crippled either. There is a lot of research that was done in Israel and papers have been published about the separation of the chemicals and the healing properties that it has. I'm sure you can find on the internet. It is not very expensive and you only take two squirts at a time so it is very small increments. I will keep you posted

  • Cannabidiol is used to treat things like intransigent epilepsy in children. It seems like something which should be in any doctor's medicine box, not treated with suspicion as merely an "alternative". I know that regular hempseed oil has helped my skin, so I've no doubt the more active compounds in the leaves are effective. :)

  • Cannabis used to be a part of mainstream medicine in the 1930's. Big Oharms couldn't make money from it and because it was so effective it had to be demonised and shut down.

  • Slosh, I believe you. There's an ongoing movement in Canada, so far unsuccessful, to make herbal remedies nearly impossible to obtain. If that were to happen i think there would be people growing their own and doing their best with non-standardized dosing.

  • Yes - they will control it through the FAO/WHO's Codex Alimentarius - they will say it needs to be controlled as herbs can be dangerous.

  • 1984 wasn't supposed to be a guidebook.

  • 😂😂😂

  • If you block the text you want bold and do Control B it goes bold, do it again and it reverts to normal - just like in Word.

  • I've tried CBD oil but didn't find any noticeable effect

  • Same here 😊

  • My brother has taken CBD oil for the past few months for pains in his legs and he is now pain free (no other meds) and delighted... is buying some more.

  • I have started taking high dose Vitamin. Just in the last few days and feel like it's helping - I've managed to get down to 10 (for two days) with no major adverse symptoms - we will see.

  • I am taking cbd oil. Decided to give it a try when my gp surgery had to bow to the powers that be and stop prescribing me coproxamol on the NHS. I have tried various painkillers but nothing worked, seems I am codeine resistant. I have been looking into cbd on and off over the years and have read a lot if research and articles.

    Anyway a couple of weeks ago I had a chat with my gp and decided to try cbd. Initially this was to help with my osteoarthritis which I have in knees, shoulders and lumber spine. Not for PMR .

    Its early days as I have only been taking it for two weeks. In that time, apart from one day I have taken no painkillers for my arthritis pain and my stiffness has reduced. More interestingly I have noticed two benefits I did not anticipate, firstly the deathly fatigue seems to be much less now and secondly my digestion seems to have settled down (I have IBS). These are definite bonuses for me. However I am aware that it's early days yet but feel its worth continuing.

    I am currently on 25mg of Pred following a flare up but my last bloods show the inflammation levels are falling. Waiting to get results of next test to see if I can start to slowly reduce again. This is why I am reserving judgement on cbd as my steroid dose is still high.

    My advice is to do your research, find out as much as you can. Find reputable products from companies that lab test their products and abide by MHRA rules. Its perfectly legal too and there is no "high".

    Unfortunately the big pharma version in UK is only available privately unless you live in Wales where it is available for MS on the NHS. It is very expensive so I could afford to fund this even if it was prescribed off license.

    I would much rather take cbd than opiates to help with my arthritis pain.

  • Hi Sandy, The store I am going to is wonderful full of many natural and non toxic vitamins etc. The owner is very very informative and has much printed material as well as words of wisdom. The website is

    Autumn Harvest Natural Market


    He has posted many articles that folks may find interesting

  • What is Cbd oil please?

  • cannabidol oil derived from hemp

  • I am having a hip replacement soon. I don't know sometimes if the pain is Arthritis or PMR. It's not just my hip. The pressure on the rest of my body from using crutches is wearing other bits out. I was on 6 mg Pred reducing by 1mg monthly. Anyway I tried CBD Oil. It's quite expensive if you get the higher ratio. I started at 35%. I did a fair bit of research into what you get for your money to get the best outcome. Charlottes Web has good reviews for their product. I bought from CBDbrothers on recommendation from friend. They also had great feedback. I used it for two months and didn't notice any improvement. It didn't work for me and would be quite costly long term but we are all different and you don't know till you try it. Good luck.

  • CBD Brothers is who I use too.

  • How long have you used it for I gave up after a month. My sister didn't notice a difference either. I am on loads of meds till after my op so I might try again once I have stabilised pain from OA.

  • This is my third week. I am pleased with the results. I am taking 2 drops 3 times a day using two different oils from CBD Brothers. I started with 1 drop 3 times a day as the advice is to start slowly and increase gradually. It can take time and a bit of experimentation with dose etc apparently and not all products are equal. For example the product sold in Holland & Barrett is a very low cbd content.

    I have also purchase a vape pen to use for any breakthrough pain. A few puffs help ease again.

    I am not pain free but its certainly managed better and I haven't had to take coproxamol at all and have only taken 2 paracetamol.

    Before the PMR I was in a huge amount of medication for the osteo problems inc Diclofenac, Gabapentin and coproxamol.

    I am still on steroids, amitriptyline, sertraline and pantoprazole and calceous chewy tabs so still in lots of meds. I have researched the interactions of cbd with the meds and as long as you take a two hour gap between meds and CBD you should be ok for ingesting the oil.

    This is where the vape pen comes in handy as its a different way of taking it and you don't need to worry about the 2 hour gap.

    Hope your operation goes ok and you make a good recovery xxx

  • I might have another go after the op and when I am off the Morphine. I like the vape pen idea. If it stops me taking cocodamol that's a bonus. I also take Naproxen and I want to stop that too but I think my other hip and right shoulder are going now. I put that down to walking and sleeping on one side. All the positive feedback must count for something. I am pleased you are feeling the benefit.

  • I am also going to have a hip replacement I have pains in the groin, legs especially the knees, I too am confused on where the pain comes from the PMR or the hip? I do know that my arms are heavy and difficult to lift some days that I am convinced is the PMR. It takes the edge off my knees a bit so but I only have 1 mg oil waiting for a higher dose to be available

  • I picked up my oil yesterday I got 15mg of oil in capsule form instead of the dropper. I will start on the weekend to see how I do (I did not want to risk at work) Fingers crossed that this will allow me to reduce down farther and get off prednisone. I will keep you all posted I imagine it will take a few days to settle into the system.

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